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About Us and Custom Cabinetry Design Online Services

Do we really helping people love their homes? Yes we do! How is something as simple as a new kitchen, bathroom or new addition to a house, changing the way people feel about their homes?

About Us and Creator

Welcome to

I'm Vlad (Vladimir), the creator of this website. I'm third generation professional woodworker, engineer/designer with over 30 years of experience and passion to communicate with wood. My personal connection to woodworking and creative craftsmanship came to me from my family's roots.. From my grandfather's woodworking artistry, I saw how detailed and careful techniques with a sense of beauty could please the eye. I then began to understand the difference between superior, acceptable, and unsatisfactory work.

I decided to share my knowledge and passion with you; I'm building this website myself with help from my two sons and friends. As you might have noticed, our site is ever changing. We are continually updating and revising information to suit your needs.

There are exciting changes coming down the pipeline. We are currently working on a mobile site, requested videos, and the beloved slide shows. Stay tuned, we are only getting started! If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for things you would like to see. Please do not hesitate to let us know, contact us.

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And Yes! We're inviting you to join our community. Be discovered! Our website's traffic is constantly grows; our visitors are looking for superior services and quality product.

Helping People Love their Homes?

Since the meaning of "custom" is related to "personal" this is where we start; if our CCD Services are described using "it will work", "I'm OK with this", or "its fine"... something is simply not satisfying the purpose of our services. The marketing stamp of 100% satisfaction is only a positive sign to move forward, but is not enough to get "in love" with the product.

People often say "yeah, I love pizza" but their love of pizza is nothing but an exaggeration of that word "love". Same with your "likes" on Facebook, they are not about love of Facebook (even they know that), it's not real.

When we talk about love, we refer to the feeling of... I don't want to sell it now, or I don't want to live without... Here you are starting to talk the love story, your true connection with your home.

Our goal is to bring you that level of "I love it", and this cannot be done without your personal input. We help you be yourself, make your special cabinetry and organically customize it for you.

we are helping people love their homes

CCD Services stand for original design, valuable product and commitment to craftsmanship

Are we actually Helping People Love their Homes?

The answer is Yes! We are not aware of one single home with our custom cabinetry projects which were sold in last 10 years. Two houses were sold for divorce reasons, and for those owners we built new kitchens and new cabinetry rooms for their new homes.

Our CCD services and cabinetry project images are protected for originality; it is property of our valuable clients, our collaborative creation from designing to building, making lovable homes.

Custom cabinetry design services

Only when a customer is telling us "there is nothing like that on the market" or "our cabinets look more like furniture"... "I can't imagine selling my home" do we consider a project complete.

Every project is taken personal; it is an extension of us, our creativity, pride and hard work.

Helping you get the best for your home or for profit.
We help you make right choices, not just the most advertised ones.

About us in fine design and details

The main concept of Custom Cabinetry Design is clear – to connect respectable customers with desired services and products, through positive Web promotion and educational resources online. The entire website speaks about woodworking traditions, modern practices to support quality custom cabinetry products, and cabinetry design for the space we call home.

We provide educational info and professional services online, in a totally open and honest way. This includes the best tips on how to build cabinets yourself, how to build cabinets profitably, and how to have the best results through professional comparisons and educational lessons.

There are many sites on the Internet that will continually lie or push you to buy products, just because they're for sale. Don't be fooled; look at their advertising scenario – “We are the best” – Are they really? Here is more about us, what makes a professional cabinet maker or woodworker?

We thrive on making sure our educational material is of the highest standards. You can make a difference in the content that everyone sees, and the innovations that follow.

About Us and our Custom Cabinetry Design System

About Custom-Cabinetry-Design

The years of experience in combination with passion, allow me to create a Custom Cabinetry Design System that can benefit professionals or hobbyists and certainly will be appreciated by users of any living space. There's no magic, only the most reasonable way of building cabinets. Fully finished or unfinished cabinetry, unassembled, or ready to assemble cabinets, you can have full control of the entire process.

Me personally and my professional colleges, have designed and built custom cabinetry kitchens, bathrooms, offices, closets, kid's rooms, etc. for over 30 years. Everyone can truly recognize the difference in quality and creation, which amplifies the value; from the words of our customers - "we are helping people love their homes".

Homes should be comfortable and the owner should feel comfortable at home.
Together, we can create that comfort; from engineering and design, it's all about the team of craftsman who are able to put your personal ideas into place.
Welcome to

Regards, Vladimir Grischenko

More About,
Cabinet makers and professional woodworkers, our attitudes and beliefs.

We are working hard to make our site informative for you and easy to navigate. This is one of the pages under new “Ultimate Modular" design.
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About Cabinet Makers,
professional woodworkers
Page About Cabinet Makers

What makes a professional cabinet maker or woodworker?

A professional cabinet maker does not have to be missing a finger to be a pro, nor does owning every tool and gadget make a professional woodworker...

Cabinetry Specifications
and tutorial how to build custom cabinets
Cabinetry Specifications Link

The construction method you pick for custom cabinet projects will dictate how to set up specifications to build the parts and assembling components.

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