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American Cabinets Direct
100% American Made, Furniture Quality Cabinetry build in USA

American Made Custom Cabinets

Cabinets direct in details, furniture-quality parts and ideas for you

American cabinets combine the ultimate in traditional craftsmanship with engineered by design concepts. We provide direct supply from design through custom cabinetry, from the shop to your home or job.
American made cabinets showcase the most desirable materials and finishes in the world.

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American cabinets resources:
Cabinetry design, construction methods and specifications are original, and we use them in our woodworking shops.
With these shared online design ideas we give you the freedom to print, learn, or compare.
Try hard, to find any better than our Custom Cabinetry Design System, and if you do, please reply?

Traditional craftsmanship, engineering, best materials...

It's gives you a broad range of choices to find your expression.
There is more to a piece of cabinetry, like furniture. It should please the eye and add enjoyment to your life. Cabinetry built in the USA stands for quality furniture standards, by careful craftsmanship and the highest production efficiency. Take some time and browse this site with a critical eye, and be your own judge. brings to your attention one of the best cabinetry/woodworking artisan laboratories

Henige's Custom Woodworking
is a made-in-America Company that takes great pride in its furniture-quality cabinetry and its many other woodworking projects.

In this modest shop, we produce fine cabinetry, custom trim, and other specialties

The best materials, in combination with modern practices, define quality cabinets built in the USA. Our American cabinets, built only custom made, really define furniture quality standards. Giving our products an individual look and quality that can only be achieved by craftsman, it's our policy and responsibility to give our customers our very best.

How American cabinets are built?

American Custom Cabinets Production Shop
Henige's Custom Woodworking Production Shop.

We order our hardwoods (for doors, drawer fronts, trims, drawer boxes) machined to our specifications, and after delivery, we begin to manufacture drawer fronts and doors. Once that process is complete, we move the completed parts to our finishing shop.

Next, we manufacture the drawer boxes and move those to the finish shop. We then order our plywood products and make trims and any components that must be assembled before finish.

Now that the major components are ready for finish and our Columbia Forest formaldehyde free plywood has been delivered, the finishing process begins. As this takes place, there are periods of down time (drying).

This is when the plywood processing begins. It is then cut to our production list and proceeds to the Felder edge bender, which applies real wood veneer to the exposed plywood edge. After that process, it is hand sanded (inspected) before moving to the finishing shop.

(Click on images for a larger picture)

Finishing parts before assembling cabinets

American Cabinets Finishing Shop
Custom Cabinetry Finishing Shop

As all parts are finished, once assembled, they are ready to move to the shipping area. The main benefit of this process is that an assembled cabinet box takes up a lot of space.

By assembling it all at once, we are able to move completed cabinets to the shipping area with no wasted space. This eliminates the need to store boxes until the drawers and doors are ready.

With this set-up, we (two people) are able to complete a typical 50-linear-foot kitchen in 6 weeks without outsourcing any work, except installation.

Being a rather small shop requires some organization as far as delivery and storage of materials and ongoing processes in the shop.

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Important part of our success is our vendors

American Made Cabinets
American Made Cabinets and Parts

Whenever possible, we buy our lumber and plywood from a trusted, local source; this way we know exactly what to expect and are rarely disappointed. The same goes with our finish supplier. In a small operation, it is doubly important that mistakes and surprises are eliminated.

Our American cabinets are designed, constructed and made as high end, furniture-quality cabinetry, and 100% build in USA.
We have set a new standard level for quality control and precision.

Custom Cabinetry Design System, it is unique and suitable for big manufacturing and hobbyists alike.
We spent many years of combining experience to create the System we are proud of and would like to share with you.

(Mitchell Henige's, Henige's Custom Woodworking, Michigan, USA)

Snapshot of the cabinetry process after the order is received

We stand behind our products and support the CCD System for the construction standards, precision, and furniture-quality cabinets we build. Our cabinets are professionally-engineered by design, as durable as they are beautiful.
American cabinets are made by hand with care and craftsmanship, where average is never enough.

Custom Cabinetry-Wodworking Shop Gallery (Click on any image for a larger picture)

American Cabinetry Shop Gallery
American Cabinetry Shop, Drawer Box
American Cabinets Drawer Boxes
Cabinets Shop, Drawer Boxes and Parts
Cabinets Made by Hand
Cabinets and Parts are Made by Hand
Cabinets Made in USA
Custom Cabinets Made in the USA
Furniture Quality Cabinet Parts
American Furniture Quality Cabinet Parts
American Furniture Quality Doors
American made Furniture Quality Doors
American Made Cabinetry
American Made Custom Cabinetry Shop
American Made Cabinetry Doors
American Made Cabinetry Doors
American Made Cabinets Direct
American Made Cabinets Direct Supply
Cabinetry Shop Essential Equipment
Woodworking Shop, Essential Equipment
Cabinet Parts Machined to Specifications
Cabinet Parts Machined to Specifications
Custom Door Profiles and Panel Cutters
Door Edges Profiles, Panel Cutters

Latest Custom Build Cabinetry Projects

American Custom Cabinets, Distressed Kitchen

Direct Supply, American Made Cabinetry, 100% build in USA, Distressed Kitchen.
We create full page for our happy customer about the project

American Made Cabinets, Work Room

Designed, Build and Installed by Henige's Custom Woodworking.
Proud Member of

American Made Cabinets Direct

Cabinets Direct; Designed, Build and Installed
by Henige's Custom Woodworking.

American RTA Custom Cabinets

Cabinets Direct Supply; American RTA Custom Cabinetry

American made cabinets, more details and ideas

American Cabinets Direct
Supply to your Home or Job

American Cabinets Business to Business Link

American Cabinets Business to Business. Happy Customer, Trouble free Installation, Beautiful product

Should You Go Metric?
Cabinetry and woodworking are happened to be a precise industry

Cabinets Metric Link

Precise measurements closely related to accurate parts

Only Metric for detailed production: we use the Imperial system for on-site drawings and communications with customer

Making Cabinets and Parts

Building cabinetry parts to order... from plywood, ready to assemble

Making Cabinets and Parts Link

Custom made cabinet parts are numbered and labeled to match with the drawings, predrilled for hardware and shelving, ready to assemble.

Design Cabinets Online to Build

Engineered plans and Drawings to build cabinets yourself; parts list, making cabinet plans

Design Cabinets Page Link

Online Design Cabinets to Build Yourself for new projects or renovations, help yourself to finish your dream plans successfully.

Build Your Own Cabinets
Online Tutorial can use our online tutorial; from sketches to a design, also with construction plans...

Build Your Own Cabinets Page Link

Online design, building a personal computer desk will be a good, practical project to start with...

Cabinetry Reviews: Frameless the winner

Frame or Frameless; two different types of cabinets have their places in the home

Cabinetry Reviews Page Link

Frameless or Frame, to be more informed check the page here; to gain about 10% of your cabinetry storage space, you will be better served by frameless cabinets.

Floor-plan and Elevations

Any construction projects usually start by creating floor-plans and wall elevations.

Floor-plan and Elevations Page Link

All items are numbered. The main benefit is easy communication from design and manufacturing, also for shipping, sorting, installation or even replacing items.

Cabinets by Design Complete Engineered Packages

Cabinets by Design Service allow you to envision your personal involvement in the custom cabinets project, or making cabinetry yourself.

Cabinets by Design Packages Page Link

Design plus Engineered Cabinet Parts List for making cabinets yourself, individual cabinet sssembly pages

Cabinets 3D Rendering

3D perspective renderings are very real, created from floor-plans and wall elevations. They are a helpful addition in the completion of any construction project.

Cabinets 3D Rendering Page Link

Cabinets 3D Rendering ...very nice images of 3D drawings and colorful project perspectives you can find all over the Internet

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