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Base Cabinet Construction Professional Review and Improvement

Base cabinet construction improvement;
little changes with huge impact for quality building and finishing.

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Base Cabinets Construction Methods

Here is the image of typical base cabinet face-framed or frameless (no matter), it has one finished side, door and drawers, cutout for toe kick.

Simple classic base cabinets, base door and drawer construction

Image of simple classic base cabinets; base door and drawer, base 3 drawers, finished side panels.

Developing this look in construction methods are possible few ways.

1. Precise doweling and stationary pressing, it can be done by mass production shop with expansive machinery, require dados machining, heavy assembly press.

2. Pocket screwing methods all cabinet parts with partial dados machining, can be done and it's the most common construction technique. This construction methods are mostly recommended for DIY home/garage cabinetry building all over the Internet.

3. Patching, veneering desired cabinet side after cabinet is built, and finishing the cabinet after assembly.

The Problem is, Finished Side is Parts of the Cabinet !!!

If the finished side gets damaged during the installation or even after by customer...
- now what, we have to replace entire cabinet? –Yes!

We all know the fronts are the most sensitive yet the most expensive parts of cabinetry.
Then what, building proses will start from beginning? –Yes!

Base Babinet Building Improvements for All

Simple and easy but-joint base cabinet construction

Simple and easy but-joint cabinet construction; screws replacing wooden dowels by the metal dowels, no dados, no finished sides. Anyone can build or assemble cabinet like that which not require special tooling, just widely used nail/stapler gun, drill and screwdriver.

As professional cabinet makers we are know well all step by step building process, and what can happen on the field when many construction personnel are around. The slightly more material used with our construction methods are fully compensated by labor cost and convenient to work only with flat parts and not with cabinet volumes.

Simple and easy but-joint base cabinet construction

As you can see from the image final look much more like an inset frame cabinetry, but its frameless RTA kitchen cabinets with finished panels applied after assembly.

The images of cabinetry projects you can find all over our site are built exactly how we sharing with you, and no complains, no recalls from our customers. Even face frame cabinetry which is rarely built by us also designed and constructed the same.

How to Build Cabinets Yourself and eliminate costly mistakes
Build Your Own Cabinets Online Tutorial; design, construction plans and parts list
Easy Cabinet Plans, working plans to build cabinets

Base Cabinets Construction Method in Details

Base cabinets toe kick boxes and legs

Starting from floor and toe area; no notches for cabinet sides, toe legs or toe box are separate from the cabinet, same for the tall or pantry type cabinets.

Toe options can be as adjustable leveler legs, L-shape or T-shape 3/4" plywood (or similar 3/4" material), or building frame type toe boxes from left over material.

This simple trick makes life easy to work around plumbing pipes and electrical wires, and air ventilation duck work.

All legs and toe boxes for the final look will be covered with finished toe material, usually 3/4” plywood.

The cabinet bottoms are full width

The cabinet bottoms are full width; here is the only construction section somebody will complain for extra parts calculation.

But we assuming you calculate your cabinet parts before cutting anyway, so what is big deal to push few extra buttons compering to other headaches.

Full with bottom will save material to get 6 base cabinet sides instead of only 4 from standard 4’ x 8’sheet of plywood, and no needs to make toe notches for the cabinet sides. As a result you are free to use almost any toe kick construction.

Cabinet box from outside is always unfinished

Cabinet box from outside is always unfinished; easy to do assembly, finished interior parts are done by flat finishing in time of painting doors and side panels. Assembling starts after all parts fully done and can be flat packed and delivered as RTA or DIY cabinet packages.

Beautiful Finishes and yet Practical to Work Around

Finishing flat parts cabinet panels

The differences in finishing quality are huge, where no inside cabinet corners, no balky cabinets, and only flat parts to finish that is easy for one person to do the job.

Multistep finishing cabinet parts, glazing and distressing

Think about complex finishes, glazing or distressing for instance, when you have 8-12 steps to follow...

Protective cabinet side panels around cooktop

Finished panels around appliances; we also separate from the cabinet these possibly sensitive and easy to damage cabinet parts.

Nice island kitchen cabinets protected by side panels

Dishwasher, Oven or Stove as an example can steam or even burn your nice cabinet, so why not protect with panel and leave you cabinet behind.

It is Universal base cabinet construction and suitable for all rooms and spaces in the house, whether its garage storage cabinetry project, or fancy finished Entertainment Center, Office cabinetry, or Kitchen. Good luck to build your cabinetry project.

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