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Build Your Own Cabinets Online Tutorial

Helping to build your own cabinets from design; construction plans and parts list.
Need help to design and build cabinetry project, order your custom cabinet plans here.
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Building a Personal Computer Desk or home PC Workstation will be a good, practical project to start with as it includes all three basic types of cabinetry: wall, base, and tall. If you would like to build your own cabinets, you have to start somewhere.

Check our new page Project Building Plans Sample - Design, Construction & Assembly Package.

Would you like to build cabinets for profit? The meanings will be the same if you will make cabinets for your own needs with less cost.
Or if you feel you can participate at any stage of the process; like cutting and preparing flat cabinet’s parts, or maybe you are good in finishing/painting... let us know? Bottom of the page, contact form.
If you will say yes, we can help you to do so, from designing and parts cut list...
We simply will cover only what you can't build yourself working with you as Team.

The main concept is pretty easy to grasp; after design plans are done configuring cabinets and components, listing them, breaking them down to a parts, making the parts, and assembling.

Freshly renewed 3D Design page, you will be impressed.

KCD Software Generated Images

Building your own computer working station
Home project, computer working station

Medium complexity design to build your own cabinets, that includes all three basic types of cabinetry: base, wall, and tall cabinets.

Building Your Own Laundry Cabinets

Door footage for laundry Mitered doors parts precut Assembling mitered doors Drying time doors after assembly Doors delivery to garage Cabinets parts delivered to garage Base corner cabinet before assembling Stapling base corner parts Stapling wall corner cabinet Predrilling corner cabinet assembly Screwing base corner cabinet parts Screwing base corner cabinet cleats Screwing leveler cabinet legs assembly Placement corner cabinet leveler legs Base corner cabinet ready to install Wall cabinet parts ready to assemble Remodeling laundry cabinets installed Laundry ironing board behind door Ironing board laundry room open Behind closed door ironing board Cooking dinner after installation Little dinner after laundry installation
Home remodeling project in pictures

Medium complexity design to build your own cabinets that includes base and wall corner cabinets composed into one tall cabinet

Using This Cabinet Building Tutorial...

We are sorry to say this, but most sources (books and online guides) how to build your own cabinets are fairly outdated. Our hope is that you will find presented construction methods to be slightly different and maybe a bit progressive.

If you decide to build your own cabinets for new projects or renovations, making cabinets for yourself, or building cabinets for profit, you don't have to buy anything from us. Just go through our pages. For most of your questions, you will find the solution.

We feel we have something to offer, like this Online Tutorial; so stay in touch on our news tab. Your time will be rewarded by our expertise and engineered artistry.

Marketing differences and services

Our services for cabinets by design drawings or possible making cabinetry yourself project will take you to the point of full responsibility and help you to successfully finish your dream plans. It is not about the size of the shop, but what can be properly produced in that shop.

Regarding Tools ...unless you want to be a Pro; in most cases you can avoid traps like, "buy more tools", outsourcing a part's production is standard practice. The operator! makes the parts, not the tools.

Cabinetry home project, computer working station

Build Home Desk

Frameless construction methods; exactly the same as what we practice in our shops (the images found throughout this website reflect elegant presentation with exceptional practicality).

Based on revised and checked specifications, these construction methods account for the simplicity and durability; also materials, labor, tools and the machinery used. In the long run, this process of building heirloom quality cabinetry is one to follow, build your own cabinets

With an agreement from our customer, we promise to publish this statement related to the Desk Project. The wording is accurate as we can present.

Thank you guys! You simplified the process and cleared up any of my initial doubts, and now I know that I can do it myself. From engineering statement overviews, you provided a complete System to follow, from A to Z, and worry free satisfaction. Job you did a great job.

Patrick. Santa Barbara. California.

Building Computer Desk (home-made project)

Step by step tutorial to build your own cabinets at home from sketch. Step One

Build Home Desk from Sketch

This hand drawn sketch was done by our customer and slightly corrected by us.
After a 20 minute conversation over the phone , the project was under way.

In the next two days, the desk design plans was approved; dimensions were checked, materials picked, and the budget was accepted. The final decision was, to build your own cabinets; Doors and Side Panels outsourcing (fully finished ones), Drawer Boxes to build and finish at home, Cabinet Boxes built from prefinished plywood.

All Dimensions for: Desk Design Plans, Making Computer Desk Steps, Cabinet and Components Parts List, and Assembly Report... are in metric system.

Making Desk (listing cabinets and components). Step two

Building Computer Desk Cabinets

List of Cabinets and Parts (W/H/D) mm

1. Base Panel Left (18x670x453)

2. Base Cabinet (300x750x433)

3. Base Panel Right (18x670x453)

4. Base Panel Left (18x670x453)

5. Base Cabinet (440x750x433)

6. Base Tray Cabinet (280x750x433)

7. Tall Panel Left (18x1940x473)

8. Pantry Cabinet (400x2020x453)

9. Tall Filler (30x1940x42)

10. Top Valance (1800x22x270)

11. Top Panel Left (18x720x233)

12. Light Skirt Trim (336x40x233)

13. Top Cabinet (300x720x213)

14. Top Panel Right (18x720x233)

15. Counter Top (1800x30x533)

Making Cabinets Parts List

Sorting and ordering materials, listing parts to be build. Step Three

Square Footage Report; amount of materials to be used for specific project (Custom Desk), prices will fluctuate with the different region and species.

Build Cabinets Materials

Computer generated Square Foot Report; specifically coded, sorted according to construction methods,
and the typical material we use (recommend) to build cabinets

Please pay attention how nice parts are sorted; listed from largest to small, separated by materials and fabrication methods.

Parts List to Build Your Own Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts. Step Four

Every single project we start from building "Fronts" and Drawer Boxes first. These items require the longest production time.

Desk Cabinet Doors Parts Report

All Parts related to building Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts are collected into a convenient table, and are sorted by size from largergest to smallest. Similar for Drawer Boxes; on a single page, all parts are listed and sorted by size.

Step Fife; finishing cabinet parts and components

For all the different size production shops and for the "One Man Show", it is important that you keep your work space productive and your parts are actually moving (prevents wasted storage time and space). This way, assembling begins right after finishing the parts.

Finishing Cabinet Parts

For efficiency and superb quality finish; spraying the individual cabinet parts, not the assembled cabinet, while keeping the part in a horizontal position (like pictured above).

Cabinets Boxes Parts Cut List. Step Six

Desk Cabinet Parts List

Cabinets Boxes to Build: Plywood Parts List are separated and sorted by similar fabrication methods,
finished and unfinished parts listed separately

Now, while all the parts are being gathered: Doors and Drawer Front, Panels and Drawer Boxes are finished; you are ready to assemble your own cabinets, One by One.

Assemble Your Own Cabinets, Step Seven.

Making Desk, Computer's Tower Base Cabinet #2 Assembly Report

Computer Tower Base Cabinet Assembly

Base cabinet #2 is 300 mm wide. This cabinet designed for typical Computer Towers with a 25 mm clearance for door hinges that are on left side, with a small Drawer above. The letters "F" means the sides must be finished; in our case, there are finished End Panels that will be applied.

Printer's Base Cabinet #5 Assembly Report

Printer Base Cabinet Assembly

Base cabinet #5 is 440 mm wide, with one shelf and a top drawer, specified to be used with two typical printers; laser on bottom, and ink photo printer on the shelf. Both printers have paper loading trays in the front.

Home Desk, Base Cabinet #6 Assembly Report

Desk Base Cabinet Assembly

Base cabinet #6 is 280 mm wide, full height door, and is designed for a tall slide out Drawer Box. The custom made drawer box will accept Super A3 (Super B) photo paper, a flat scanner, and regular printing paper.

Computer Desk, Pantry / Tall Cabinet #8 Assembly Report

Building Desk Tall Cabinet

Pantry cabinet #8 is 400 mm wide and 2020 mm tall. There is no specific purpose for this cabinet, it is mainly a storage cabinet; adjustable shelving, two doors. For more information how to build cabinets like this one, we made an extra page.

Personal Computer Desk, Wall Cabinet #13, with finished interior, Assembly Report

Build Desk Wall Cabinet

Wall cabinet #13 (300 mm wide, 720mm height) is specified to have glass door, this means that the interior must be finished to match the exterior. Assembly and Cut List Reports call for Finish Plywood cabinet parts.

Now, good luck to install your own cabinets !

The left column of this page will give you more information about the design cabinets construction specification and cabinetry types, decorative parts, and plans to build your own cabinets.

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