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A Smart and Unique Cabinet-Building School
that Teaches you How to Profit!

Our cabinet building school offers online courses in fine cabinet making.

The program is designed as one-on-one training with outstanding instructions in a convenient online format.

CCD's Educational Services attract students from around the world who want to use their hand skills to design and build fine custom cabinetry for home or profit.

Helping People Love their Homes

Courses and Classes

are individually presented in 2 categories:

- Teaching Home Owners and Handy People to build their own fine custom cabinetry, online training with add-on consulting.

- Starting Your Own Custom Cabinetry Business, Cabinetry Masterclass with Professional Cabinetry Building System, online training with add-on continues consulting.

Cabinet Building School
with CCD Services!

- Learn how to create a profitable cabinet-building business!
- Teaching home owners to build their own fine custom cabinetry

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Profit Building
Cabinetry Business Review
International School
Cabinetry Specification

When others only shows,
We actually teach you how to make your own quality products.

A Winning Cabinet-Building Strategy, Inside and Out!

Knowing how to work with tools and woodworking machinery doesn’t necessarily mean you know the shop workflow set-up steps, or how to control your production time. What's more, if you have no idea how to prep the order or finishing steps… - how can you possibly estimate the cost of the project? Well, You can if your cabinetry working process is fine-tuned, you're profit oriented; your machines are right for the process, and the operators know all the production steps.

A One-Man Cabinetry Building Strategy, or the "my way or the highway" is the only effective working strategy for quality shop production. You are the only one who has to create the product. Here's how to build a cabinet making shop to make quality products and profit, whether you're alone or with helpers!

We can help you organize production flow; buy essential machinery, make workstations, control the building process, and quality from "A to Z" by designing your production shop the smart way, and finally make/earn Profit

Cabinet-building tools and process image, plus quality and profit strategies

Cabinet building school steps image

Your cabinet-building details every step, showing you how to produce quality products for profit

One Man can complete every step of the production process; cutting the solid-wood boards, sanding using a wide-belt sander, shaping a door's solid wood parts...
It's all part of quality operation in a One-Man shop.

Custom cabinetry school smart strategy

With help of a feeder, you scan be a One-Man operation it's a winning investment.

Smart cabinet building profit strategy

Counting every single minute, prepping and organizing
improving the losing minutes by better prepping and organizing work space...
all this is covered in our Cabinet Building School. Welcome aboard!

The only way to profit in cabinetry shop is to avoid unnecessary activity (extra moves) during production.
For instance, let's say you need to reap/cut 200-300 linear feet of solid wood a door frame material. You can push your boards by hand and watch the saw blades leave burn marks on the wood, or use a feeder that's smooth and steady. In time, with your feeder working as your helper, you're soon sorting and moving parts.
Voila! You've just saved 30-60 minutes.

When you're the boss, you need to know the value of single person production. That's when you start to make real money.

Cabinet doors building process and setup images

Making doors on shaper and setup

Building doors details, showing you how to produce quality doors for profit

Building mitered doors parts image

Building mitered doors details, showing you all parts

Building mitered radius doors parts image

Very inexpensive ($ 1000) “Grizzly” molder setup for radius profile doors making

Radius door parts (door rails)image

The actual radius door parts (door' rails) shaped over “Grizzly” molder

Radius door vanity image

The image of final product – radius mitered doors custom built vanity

What it Mean to Profit in the Custom Cabinetry Business?

- One cabinet door, including mitered doors, 60 minutes, make $40-50 per/hr.

- 20 minutes for a custom size drawer box, or 24 plus drawer boxes in 8 hr. $50-60 per/hr.

- Make your own crown moldings and applied moldings for cabinet doors. $50-60 per/hr.

- Build original custom columns of any size and from any wood spices. $50-90 per/hr.

- Control your cabinet's assembly time after all parts are finished. $40-50 per/hr.

- Setup the finishing room/space and stay profitable with high quality finishes. $40-50 per/hr.

Note; the numbers are the US marker cost, payable labor is about 50%.

Quality Control must be first and foremost in your cabinetry building process!
Any returns or warranty issues cause you to lose profit and possibly new and returning customers!

The bottom line; we are all about making profit by building custom cabinetry parts and earning around $40-60 per hour for our work.
-Why would you ever outsource such valuable work?

What Tools and Machinery to Buy and Why It's Important

It's unfortunate, but most Cabinetmakers rely on the words of slick salesmen,
so their woodworking/cabinetry shops became storage bins of unused machinery, often containing some very good and expensive brands.
We'll help you move you the right direction and make your investments work for you over the long term!

Sliding table-saw can be pricey for a few reasons, but a molder is not.

Smart cabinet building tolling

The machinery and tolling can be expensive or not,
but everything provide the order you are after for multifunctional custom production use, and nothing special.

Mistakes help you build experience... Our "Cabinetry Building School" can help you eliminate mistakes even before you start your business.
Whether you are creating your own profitable process, or calling – it a “System”
buying the right tools to support the process's and flow, avoiding-protecting customers compliance.

If you don't have a System, you have nothing to improve. Our Cabinetry Building Organization is KGB Bullet Proof, yet adjustable, just in case.
Still, so far, no one's tried to correct or improve on it.

Building Most of Your Cabinetry Parts Under Your Own Control

These are what we can show and help to set up your Shop with every single move profitable whether you have one person or 10 people on the floor.
If you are the Boss and paying only yourself, you'll get both high pay and profit combined.

Smart from cabinetry school building parts

Here are the custom build cabinetry parts for an Oak vanity; custom-made cabinetry posts, drawer box and custom created trim parts.
It's simple, but still nice-looking and profitable to produce!

Or if you have 6-10 guys working for you, you want be a lovely Boss who pays well and in return receive high quality cabinetry parts on time. Plus your people will want to stay with you. The way to get all this is simply to become organized and keep your valuable labor and production under your own roof.
That means more for you and for your employees.

Smart cabinetry school making drawer box

A few smart steps from making a drawer box and attaching the drawer front with a few easy adjustments,
plus-minus 2.5mm left/right, and up and down.

Making your own drawer boxes and doors with stained/finished door panels will eliminate your warranty' concerns and create better customer' relationships. We are simply "Helping people love their homes".

Cabinetry Building Methods, Good and Not-So-Good

If you find it's better to order your most labor-intensive cabinetry parts from outside, and you can justify that move for business reasons then,
you probably have a terrible cabinetry-shop structure.

Think for a moment; 9 out of 10 cabinetmaking shops that order doors, drawer boxes and other parts from outsourcing businesses.
Those shops call themselves custom cabinetry makers and offer warranties to their customers? Of course not!
How you can possibly warranty a product you can't control?
Most of those shops offer "high end" quality cabinets to their customers and say that their products contain only custom made parts. Can you do that when you have no quality control?
What you are thinking about?

Supporting your Process with the Right Machinery

To make your own cabinetry doors or drawer boxes and earn a predictable profit, you need the right tools to support your targeted goal and turnover.
We're not about the brand names, - only around the machinery specs you need for profitable production.

Here are some examples:

Jointer with an 8” working width or, better 12” (or 30cm) for making straight edges or to straighten the board for the next machining step.
If you really know how the jointer works and the machine is properly tuned up, you can also use the feeder to maximize production.

A sliding table-saw with a minimum 8’ (245cm) sliding capacity (or, better 10’ or 300cm), with a feeder that easy to set up for pushing solid wood material.
Sliding tables saws, or panel-saws, are "must have" equipment for a cabinetry/woodworking shop.

The Planer you can technically ignore or replace with a surface sander. But the risk of prepping materials, especially solid wood, to the specified thickness can take more time and make labor on the final product more expensive.

But there's no reason to list all the machinery if you don't have your cabinetry building process set up yet! Stay tuned, we are adding more info...

Here is why we are opening a profit oriented "Cabinet Building School".

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Helping People Love Their Homes

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