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Working Cabinet Design Plans for Building Your Own Home Project

Is cabinet design so simple that anyone can do it? Or is it really necessary to hire a professional guru to do the job...Are you wondering how to minimize potential problems before you start building your cabinet project?
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- Don't be intimidated by custom or specialty cabinet design; we are here to implement your ideas into a compiling plan for completion, and make your dream project a pleasurable one. Check it Building Plans Sample All reports you need!

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Cabinetry Design Ideas

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Home cabinetry projects design ideas; kitchens, offices, bathrooms, china cabinets, laundry rooms and other home spaces

Custom Cabinetry Plans

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Custom cabinetry home project plans; dimensional drawings, floor plan and elevations, 3D presentation PC and pencil rendering

Design to Build

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Engineered Design and construction methods that reflect product quality and building efficiency. Why go frameless?

Cabinets Design Services

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Affordable design services that helping and teaching home owners to build their own fine custom cabinetry. DIY and B2B professional help

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Art of Custom Cabinetry Design and Construction

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How to Design Cabinets: Best Tips for Smart Kitchen Design

Cabinet Design Basics

A worthy design positively influences all of construction and installation stages

Kitchen project cabinets design image

Custom kitchen cabinetry design; made of Maple and Cherry solid wood, plywood Maple and Cherry veneered panels.

Normally designing home project takes a great deal of time and energy and that will be covered below. Here are four phases for the construction on a cabinet project. A well-intentioned design positively influences each of stages:

  • Drafting (plan, elevations, 3D rendering)

  • Scheduling and Work Plans

  • Production / Manufacturing (ordering)

  • Installation plus work around

Home Cabinets Design Plans, Pictures and Prints

Office wall  measurements pencil
Office Cabinets Design Plan

To create a floor-plan and wall elevations you need to measure the room and mark critical points in the measurements. You can use any number of software titles (some free), or you can just use a pencil and a sheet of grid paper.

Here is an example of the first measurements for some conditional projects, click on the picture to enlarge. To learn more details you can visit the floor-plan-elevations page. 3D rendering is a more complicated procedure; this could be helpful in order to better visualize the image and understand the future project.

Click on images for a larger picture

Making Working Drawings

Office wall elevation
Home office wall elevation

Home Office Measurements and Drawing

At this stage, you are the creator; you are the project manager, and you have the vision.

You are moving into constriction stage; the working design plan will organize you to the step by step achievement and all improvements control.
The design of a project contains many bits that are pooled into one big pile, and all these little things require an attention of a practiced eye.

Click on images for a larger picture

Managing Your Project from Design

Home office smart cabinet design
Office cabinet design DIY in mind

Imagine you're a project manager,
and under your arm is a thick folder of drawings and other papers with all the necessary information to successfully complete a task.
You can really pull everything together with the work plan!
Perhaps you are skilled and talented to the point that you can build most of the parts yourself. If so, here is the folder with all the necessary information needed and a plan of attack.

Good design is not just a bunch of illustrative drawings with dimensions. Furthermore, engineered ideas and technological innovations are also part of the design plan that needs to be included for a successful project. All of these are factors in the final cost and value of the product.

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Work Plan and Schedule from Design

Work plan actually competes with design as important primary steps for structuring your cloudy dream.

Work plan design image

Scheduling from design making that complete picture of how your cabinet project will look and how to control steps of improvements.

Fireplace Cabinets Plan
Fireplace home cabinets plan
Fireplace home cabinets 3D plan

Let's say you have a complete picture of how your cabinet project will look. The work plan will include all aspects necessary for realization of the project and hence will define the budget. In addition, this will show the details when and where to order, how much to be ordered, etc. and course of the project from start to finish.

Now it's visible and manageable you have transformed the project from your special dream to something that is obtainable and will soon become your own customized work of art. Only you will own this for all to enjoy and appreciate.

Click on images for a larger picture

Aware of the Specifics: Who and When?

Home owners sketch and elevations drawings
Home owner's sketch drawings

Taking measurements and making design drawings.

Demolishing old cabinets or moving, or reconstructing walls for the preparation of the space.

There are many details that include electrical, plumbing, painting, flooring, and installation around a cabinet work.

Materials need to be chosen, appliances, lighting, decorative hardware, and all accessories needed.

Click on images for a larger picture

Pictures of fireplace working drawings

Computer 3d line drawing with numbering
3D Drawing with numbering components

Pencil Sketch and 3D Line Drawing.
You can pull everything together with the work plan, components are numbered

These are only the basics. Collaborative design and planning will include every single detail. Don't ever feel overwhelmed. We are here to walk with you through the project.

Click on images for a larger picture

Before Manufacturing Parts and Components

Mudroom Custom Cabinets Design

Custom built mudroom cabinets design
Custom mudroom cabinets design

Again, from smart designing there are a number of ordering possibilities. For example, you can order doors and drawer boxes already finished, or you can finish them yourself. Either way you need an order list, especially for building custom cabinetry.

You will need the technical parameters of materials and products produced. The important part for the manufacturer is the amount each material and a detailed list of those materials.

Click on images for a larger picture

If you don't take in account each tiny detail in the cabinet design stage, you increase the labor cost of the final product and therefore the dollar cost of the project increases. Imagine submitting to the cabinet maker a page of information printed and organized in black and white; the Chief Cabinetmaker can immediately turn on his saw and immediately begin cutting.

Notes Regarding Installation

Mudroom Cabinet Design Images

Computer's Drawings for Pencil Coloring
Computer's drawings for coloring

Cabinet Installers usually start the job whenever convenient, however most are very flexible and can adjust personal schedules to fit their customer’s needs. Without making waves you require the lower cabinets to be installed first so the countertop team can do their taking measurements and making templates.

For the Electrician and the Plumber, be ready for their suggestions regarding wiring and laying pipe. Even this little planning ahead can save you a lot of down time waiting around between construction steps.

Click on images for a larger picture
Mudroom wall elevation numbered components
Mudroom elevation with numbered components

Working plan before ordering and building cabinets;
include mirror size to order, and LED cabinet lighting

What Takes Extra Time and Energy in a Cabinetry Project?

First of all, all those “free” cabinet design drawings just to satisfy ourselves are not so free when it comes to time and effort spent. On the next stage, once more your images will alter the designing and manufacturing desk and that is more than typical.

You are very lucky if you meet an independent designer (still living) that like your trusted lawyer will always be at your side.

We do look forward to working with you sometime soon !

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