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Cabinetry Building Business Review and
Wining Steps over Competitors

Our cabinetry building business review is honest and friendly. I and our team are simply worries what is going on in small cabinetry building shops, that they became less and less profitable. The customers are still looking for quality product.

What strikes me the most in the cabinetry business is its level of subcontracting cabinetry building parts and components especially in the custom cabinet’s shops, which sometimes result in quality control and warranty issues?

Helping People Love their Homes (Custom Cabinets Building Structure)

CCD Services
Cabinetry Building

3D Home Interior Design
by Vivid Design Group

Cabinetry Business Inside and Out

A well-known fact is, at least 8 out of 10 custom cabinetry shops order cabinet doors and drawer boxes from other businesses.
That one fact can be used for good collaborations between businesses in B2B relations, but wait!
We are talking about the most labor intensive cabinetry parts to build, and specified to the customers as custom made product.
Did I say something wrong?

Custom cabinetry building shop

Michigan Woodwork is a member of CCD Services,
cabinetry and woodworking business that building all of its custom projects.

I see your red flag regarding the profit.
It tells you that we can't make doors and all other cabinetry fronts, as well drawer boxes... profitable for the custom cabinetry orders under your shop's roof.
Or maybe my wording calls for special corrections?

Once again, if you can't make $60 or $40 per person/hour and your shop's labor asks for about half that amount...
- a suggestion would be to think more about your Cabinetry Building Business Structure,

or your System if you have anyone.

Custom built mitered cherry doors

Custom built mitered cherry-wood doors from Michigan Woodwork.
It's 13/16" (21 mm) thickness and no open glue joints!

Getting Honest with the Cabinetry Shop Owners

We all make mistakes as we grow; but your shop's tools and shop' production flows
must be process-oriented and set up as working stations related to doors production, drawer boxes, decorative parts and so on.
Let me ask you something...
- Did you buy the right process-oriented tools and machinery, or the simple kind of woodworking ones based on friendly talks or salesman offers?
If you honestly admit that your cabinetry building business' wisdom is solely based on forums, trends or internet shows...- you need real help!

Custom built cabinetry drawer boxes

Custom built cabinetry drawer boxes are ready for the final coat,
over Michigan Woodwork cabinetry shop.
The bottoms are 1/2" (12 mm) from prefinished plywood and applied after finishing the box,
the best possible result.

There is no Best or Better in the Cabinetry Business

Satisfy your Customer and they will cover your business' profit with a real smile!
Just look over "Helping People Love their Homes!" - Can you do it?

You can call it as "Mission Impossible" for the small custom cabinetry business?
- It is possible, profitable and undisputable!

Custom made radius mitered doors

The images below will show that parts are made before and
final product after very fine finishing by customer' request.

If you need help as a cabinetry business beginner, or need a partner/companion over your existing business, let us know.
There is no problem in staying competitive even over the open market of the international caliber in custom cabinetry business.

We only have one simple and strong request; you must be honest and ready to do your best for your customers if you want to earn their smiles,
because every Customer looks for the highest quality products.

Moving Your Cabinetry Business to the Top Shelves

Would you like to step up above your competitors in customer satisfaction? And at the same time stay profitable?
The answer is - you need to see your cabinetry business as a "One Man Shop Operation" and
You must be building at least 90% of your cabinetry components in high quality!

Radius cherry wood custom vanity

The final product' image from the shop of radius mitered doors custom built vanity.
Radius doors and drawer boxes, all in soft closing motions.

Please don't take me the wrong way by doing all parts yourself under the "One Man Shop Operation" Structure;
all it means is simply that your shop must be organized under specific production areas and it must follow part-building procedures of
the highest efficiency using affordable machinery and setting up the whole process in an organized manner.

The simple proof of the shop structuring organizing can be a drawer box building system for all your custom cabinetry upcoming projects.
You can do it yourself or teach/show the process to other people in a short amount of time on how to build very beautiful drawer boxes and
make $50-60 per/hour labor only, a very reasonable profit, under minimum market matching price numbers.
The "Labor Only" is mean the materials and shop time cost are subtracted.

Radius cabinetry parts from left to right and from down-up...

Traditional style office interior design

The cabinet doors parts are made over one inexpensive "Grizzly" brand molding machinery (only $ 1k cost),
but it making your profit per minutes.

No Production Trouble Cabinetry Building System

Your clients smile may wither, but it's possible to earn it once more without their complaints as well
as building your custom cabinetry brand free of returns or fixing.
What about the 25 years and over Ukraine, Israel and US markets?
These are different climate zones, different house building standards, and yet
there haven't been any customer complaints over cabinetry projects!

Radius cabinetry project parts

Collecting radius cabinetry parts are ready for finishing, profitable set up, profitable System.

Sorry to say our CCD System will not be shared for free,
it is simply consider as an intellectual property, plus if we are working over the Internet there may be many "smart dealers"
that are willing to steal and market these properties illegally.
We would like to protect our followers and members from easy-going opportunists, who want get rich overnight without any work done.

Making Your Customers Friendly to Your Business’ Profit

In detail and one on one consulting, we are the only ones offering an "on the market profit-oriented" Custom Cabinetry Building System.

Not many people in the woodworking/cabinetry schools or courses teach trade and machinery skills.
There's just no one willing to teach others on how to fully set up a cabinetry shop from the start of their life all the way
to the end by growing their custom cabinetry business and making it reach its full profit potential!

Cabinetry business kitchen plans drawings

We are making custom cabinetry kitchen plan drawings to smile our customers

We will walk you step by step over every single detail that will help build profit by doing cabinetry projects in your own shop.
To start, a minimum investment is required as well as having the right tools.
Grow and orient your starting cabinetry building production, grow your market, move forward and create profitable,
high quality custom cabinetry business and you will reach success!

How We Can Help You with Cabinetry Building

From your sketches or pictures we can design your home space as 3D model.
We provide the services your project will be finished on time and within your budget.

As Business to Business partner you will have substantial trade discount.

Cabinetry Building Contact Form

Ask your questions, make comments...We listen!
Helping People Love Their Homes

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