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Cabinetry Review: Why is Frameless the Winner?
Professional Comparison Frameless vs. Frame Cabinets Construction.

Following our cabinetry reviews, if you would like to gain about 10% of your cabinetry storage space, you will be better served by frameless cabinets. Simply for every day uses and cleaning, overall function and manufacturing steps... frameless is the top pick.

Cabinetry reviews Frameless vs. Frame

Visual cabinetry comparison Frameless vs. Frame construction:
frameless cabinet front edges are twice is narrower than face-frame counterpart,
3/4" frameless and 1 1/2" at framed cabinet's type.

Time for a cabinetry of taste

Thank you for your interest in a brand of cabinetry that reflects your insistence on quality, practicality, and outstanding engineered design.

This is proof that precision craftsmanship, fine materials, and a growing emphasis on the quality of life in the home are needed today more than ever before.

Cabinets Construction Review, no Reason to Build Face-Frame

Elegant frameless cabinets type

Here is your stylish and elegant fragment of cabinetry construction,
designed to create angled doors and an attractive decorative details, looks as framed around,
only it's frameless!"

Two different types of cabinets have their places in the home; Face-Frame or Frameless.
Many years ago, Custom-Cabinetry-Design phased out the Frame construction.
The reason we phased out this type of cabinet construction was
not for looks, not for ease of use, not for strength, not for production, or value!
This type of cabinet does not compare to Frameless.

Smart frameless over frame cabinets

Light valences moldings and decorative cabinetry trim,
clean and narrow doors reveals more valuable than flat fronts of open surfaces cabinet's frames.

What is the reason to build a face-frame and use valuable storage space,
maybe only for showing the "Frame's beauty"?
Are they really attractive for any reason?

Face Frame Cabinetry

Beaded Inset Frame Cabinetry

Honestly, the only exception will be Insert Frame Cabinetry
or Beaded Insert Frame Cabinetry for historical, or matching existing cabinets.
In other words, if you are not on a mission to design for a period piece
or maybe your Grandparent's Villas, consider the value of Frameless cabinetry.

Frameless Cabinetry

Custom Frameless Cabinets

Frameless cabinets is also called European or "full access" and has many features,
such as a clear opening for easy cleaning, with no blind spots.
The hardware is mounted directly to the side of the cabinets.
Hinges and a drawer slides operate smoothly, quietly and even offers close technology.
Though, for historical purposes; the face-frame cabinetry still has its place.

Cabinetry Materials and Technology

Frameless Cabinetry Plywood

50 years ago we didn't have the materials or technology to easily dress up plywood edges, making it necessary to cover them with a face frame.

Today, the "frame" has lost that original function and also its role as support for the cabinet box strengthening.

New materials, like prefinished plywood (even formaldehyde's free for a "green" concept) are dominating today's market.

The plywood is strong and smooth, long lasting and pleasing to the eye. Today, we also have a full line of great engineered hardware for any construction need.

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