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Create a Fully Equipped Cabinetry Shop System
for Making Quality Cabinets and Profit!

We are all about Cabinetry Shop a viable business, we can teach you how to produce quality products by building cabinetry parts, quickly, to earn a reasonable and expected profit.
– -The give-and-take market “sale proposition”, no loosing formulas. Sound very positive to all Cabinetmakers as for beginners or some years in business? Or Back to Building Cabinets or Cabinets Building School pages.

So why do we have many A-Side cabinetry part suppliers producing doors and drawer boxes for cabinetry shops, when 9 out of 10 cabinetry shops are their customers?

Don't even start telling me that making doors or drawers is unprofitable or that shop labor is too expensive. Don't even go there! What if I told you that your Cabinetry Building structure is all wrong and your fancy machinery is supporting the wrong structure? What if I couldprove to you that your mistakes can be corrected!?
– Welcome aboard!

Helping People Love their Homes

Cabinetry Shop School
CCD Services!

Others only blog;
we actually teach you how to create a high-quality and profitable cabinet-building business – one that will keep your customers coming back for more!

What a smart school for the guys like me, -very factual steps for building cabinetry shop. Thanks!
- Jason, Nigeria, Africa

Cabinetry Shop Building Steps from the Beginning

The size of the starter shop is roughly 2000-2500 ft2. (or 200-250 square metres). It’s better if you can afford 3500-4000 ft2 or 350-400 m2., including a finishing room or space. I call it the “smart start”, with options to grow – but space and machinery must always be balanced against your wallet, or profits.

Here's an images of Cabinetry Shop as small as it can be:

Cabinetry shop setting image

Here we see the 4 main woodworking/cabinetry machines – Sliding Table Saw (or sliding panel saw), Shaper with tilting spindle and with sliding table, Edgebender, and Sander all placed in a stationary position.
The Brand is not that important; what's really important are, the space. Why wold you need a specific brand?
- My sorry, if yo can afford, why not!

Custom cabinetry shop machinery

Image showing Edgebander and Sander stationary placed in cabinetry/woodworking shop.

Next: the setting, gluing and clamping area:

Custom cabinetry shop gluing area

Here's an image of working gluing/clamping area that takes up minimal space,
has comfortable working heights for quality gluing and clamping control.
You Must build it!

This floor space is affordable for a One-Man Shop to stay profitable, and provides good freedom of movement for up to 10 people. The shop setup and machinery locations will stay the same, according to the building system's flow.

It's a simple, and proven shop layout its building the functional working areas for the type of productions; as solid wood prepping (ripping and gluing), sheet materials cutting and edgebanding, shaping of solid wood parts (shaper and molder works), sanding and prepping for finishes.

The finishing area is the most sensitive in the shop structure, and we discuss it take it in special summary.

The assembly space must be close to the finishing and shipping areas.
Assembly is the least dust producing step and can be comfortably located near the finishing department.

Solidify Your market Image as Custom Cabinetry Shop!

Here's a valuable and proven "Sales Proposition" for the Custom Cabinetry Market:

Shop custom cabinet doors

Our standard thickness for custom cabinetry doors is 13/16” (or 21mm)
No Supplier in the industry offers this as standard. – No one!
The door panel edges are prefinished before assembly of the doors.

Ask yourself - why is this better?

- We make our own cabinetry doors! 21mm (13/16”) thick is our standard.
- We build our own drawer boxes, angle or radial fronts out of solid wood.
- We produce our own custom trim moldings and can supply your doors and windows trim that matches the cabinetry.
- We make original decorative columns, posts and fillers in our shops.
- Our construction methods are timely and proven; it's easy to upgrade the cabinetry parts or lighting system.
- We are use the highest-grade materials (formaldehyde-free plywood), and the best formaldehyde-free finishes.

We are here to support your health and help you love your home!

Setting up the Production Areas & Making Profitable Runs

You definitely know how "convenience" equals to "production".
There are fewer extra frustrating moves, all you need is under "open and take it", or just take it.

Here are the stages of Cabinetry Shop Setup we have plan to offer soon with new or extended web pages:

- Prepping Solid Wood Supply and Sheet Materials, for Moldings, Doors, Drawers
- Custom cabinet doors making, all steps including Mitered Doors
- Custom drawer’s boxes production for you to copy us, or be even better
- Finishing room set up, in details, including materials and a “how to”...
- The cabinetry shop construction Methods can affect all of the above!

Please stay connected? Profit is covered in details!

Images of the Cabinetry Shop Setting

These few images from a custom cabinetry shops illustrate how making/building quality custom cabinets parts can be profitable.
We think these images sum up our Cabinetry Shop Philosophy
– Helping people love their homes.

Custom made cabinetry doors

Here are some custom-made and original cabinetry doors with prefinished panels before assembly.
Radius panels and applied matching radius moldings. The quality of the cabinets parts is top notch.

Custom cabinetry shop’ doors details

The custom doors details must have at least some original artistic character to be recognized as superior to the products sold at "Ikea's" or "Home Depot's".
They have to be – they're custom-made!

Images of Cabinets Drawer Boxes, Custom Quality Offers

Custom cabinetry drawer boxes can have rounded fronts or angles as you wish. It simply means they custom made.
We doing all above and can share with you working shop procedures that will have you making the best drawers on the market, easily and profitably.

Custom original cabinetry drawers

High quality proven strength, original and beautifully irresistible... - it's no jock.
We simply supply the best drawer boxes period! No other brand even comes close!

Best cabinetry drawer boxes

Here are the best quality Custom Cabinetry Drawer and easy production methods, including assembly, final sanding with finishing steps.
It's the structure of the cabinetry shop that earns you profit.

Few more images: building huge wooden columns.

Custom made wooden huge column

This column is octagon shape 13” (33 cm) diameter and 12' high (365 cm), made from solid Alder.

Custom built wooden huge column

Image of huge wooden columns installed with book cases around

The true quality cabinetry shop offers that person-to-person attention and makes cabinets you can enjoy for a life time!

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Helping People Love Their Homes

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