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Custom Cabinetry Specification to Build, Construction and a Tutorials

Detailed cabinetry specification and construction tutorial to build cabinets

The construction method and cabinetry specification you pick for the projects will facilitate a dialogue; fabrication can begin with confidence that a satisfactory outcome will be achieved. Specification may include input regarding engineering issues, visual representation of a client's ideas, or how to build the cabinet parts, and assembling components.

Check it, freshly renewed 3D Cabinetry Design page, you will be impressed.

If you are a beginner in cabinet making, this page can be a helpful tutorial. We are offering cabinetry construction specifications and typical cabinet materials we would like to use in our own living spaces. There are many reasons why and you will find the answers on this page. Our special thanks to KCD Cabinetry Software, our professional partner.

Custom Cabinetry Specs at Work (pictures of a final product)

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Cabinet Materials and Assembling Method

Do you wish for yourself to have only the best and healthy products for your home? So do we. This is why we prefer formaldehyde free plywood for cabinet material. Assembling methods are simple - Butt joints are reinforced with construction staples (or nails) and 45-50 mm hardened wood screws. This is why you can easily assemble cabinets in your garage, small shop, or even at home. The beauty of these cabinetry specifications is to use minimum parts and a smart design that will contribute much to the cabinetry strength. More cabinetry specifications with tutorial how to build.

Construction Method Overview (Frameless Cabinetry)

Standard system cabinetry sizes overview

Standard System Cabinetry Sizes

Sides, Top, Bottom and Shelves are built from 3/4 plywood (actual thickness - 18.5 mm). Bottoms of Base and Tall cabinets are fastened to the sides and are full width (surprisingly, no one out of our system is building cabinets this way).

We like to use adjustable legs, but you can make toe boxes from leftover material.

Backs are 1/4 plywood (5.5 mm), stapled with 1/2 plywood (12 mm) cleats (80 mm wide on top and bottom) and fastened with 50 mm (2") screws. Benefits: clean crisp interior, lighter weight, and a flawless installation.

All unfinished exposed sides will be covered with Side panels (flat finished plywood or matching doors). This will eliminate the need to veneer the exposed side of a cabinet with no finishing of assembled cabinets.

The image on the left shows real opening dimensions, frameless cabinets (base - one drawer, wall and tall) plywood 18.5 mm construction, #1 and #4 are side panels (door type).

The Joint should mesh! There is the role for all type of joints to mesh; work carefully and accurately when cutting/preparing your cabinet parts before final assembly, or simply do not tolerate inaccuracy.

Doors, Drawer Fronts and Panels Reveals Specifications

Door cabinet specifications

Nice elegant and classy "standard" reveal between front parts is 1/8" (3 +/- 0.5 mm ) and to achieve this, the entire process of construction design and manufacturing must be precisely accurate.

An example is the image with door sizes on left. For joining cabinets -1/16" (1.5 mm )side reveal on each cabinet. When joining to a column, filler... to maintain a 3 mm margin the reveal on side joining column or filler is increased to 1/8" (3 mm ).

Base and Tall Cabinet's bottom door reveal - 0 (flush with cabinet bottom; you can actually open the door with your toe).

All cabinets top door reveal of 3/16" (5 mm ), working just perfectly under countertops for base cabinets, and under crown on tall and wall cabinets. Also, 3/16" (5 mm ) reveal on the bottom of wall cabinets works well with our light valance system.

Small note - On the digital images, you many see (and maybe wonder why) panel #5 shows the crown return. This is because we make side panels wider than the box to line up with the profile on the edge of the door.

Images for the slideshow intentionally picked to demonstrate cabinetry specifications and construction methods for final output, so please pay attention to details.

Let us know please if it’s any reason to make changes for better appearance or productivity reason.

Construction Specs Overview, Frameless, Metric System

Metric system cabinetry specs overview

Cabinet dimensions Metric system cabinet's specifications: cabinet sizes and openings, door and drawer sizes

Interior and fronts cabinets specifications 3d

Typical view interior and fronts cabinets' construction 3D presentation

Drawer Box Construction Specs (some finishing tricks)

Dovetail and finger joint drawer box

If you do not count all premade options, we make two types of solid wood drawer boxes; dovetail and finger joint (fingerlap joint). They each are furniture standard recognized and hold their own benefits. Honestly, we can't tell you which one is stronger or more attractive.

The hardware manufacturers offer a metal drawer box construction or some kind of plastic-extruded profiles for the drawer boxes. As woodworkers, we reject them. This is a personal choice.

Some manufacturing preferences toward finger joint we can share; making angled drawer boxes or even radius ones much easier with finger joint setup.

Finger joint cabinetry drawer box

Drawer Box Finishing Trick

Follow our specifications and continue the cabinetry tutorial as you wish, we build drawer boxes from solid wood and finish them without bottoms. Only after applying finish, do we install our 12 mm (1/2") prefinished maple plywood bottoms. Anyone who ever sprayed a fully assembled drawer core will appreciate this small trick.

Our drawer box opens from the back to slide in the bottom (1/2" prefinished plywood) and is stapled to the box after finishing. The sides, front and back are 5/8" (15 +/- 0.2 mm )thick and are designed to work with most of the popular drawer slides ("Blum Tandem" soft close series is our preference).

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Helpful and referral pages around cabinetry specification

Floor-plan and Elevations

Any construction projects usually start by creating floor-plans and wall elevations.

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All items are numbered. The main benefit is easy communication from design and manufacturing, also for shipping, sorting, installation or even replacing items.

Cabinets 3D Rendering

3D perspective renderings are very real, created from floor-plans and wall elevations. They are a helpful addition in the completion of any construction project.

Cabinet Designer 3D Rendering Page

Cabinets 3D Rendering ...very nice images of 3D drawings and colorful project perspectives you can find all over the Internet

Making Cabinets and Parts

Building cabinetry parts to order... from plywood, ready to assemble

Making Cabinets and Parts Link

Custom made cabinet parts are numbered and labeled to match with the drawings, predrilled for hardware and shelving, ready to assemble.

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is possibly the best time to design your next cabinetry project online. It is convenient and also during such times we start cutting back on expenses.

But, if we will maintain a grip on rational thought, we'll see amazing opportunities popping up everywhere we look. Research online.

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