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Cabinets by Design Online, Plans and Parts to Build Cabinets

Cabinets by design online rendering

Simply stated: Cabinets by Design are design plans to build cabinets for Professional cabinetry shops or for the Do-it-Yourself person. These plans come with detailed specifications and 3D rendering drawings that are easy to read. So don't be discouraged about your project, we are here to assist You! So get excited, and click for your set of Cabinets by Design Plans you will be proud to say,
"I created and built these."

Note: Since we are specializing in custom cabinetry design and building, there will not be much value for you to use our services for stock cabinet's lines or semi-custom cabinet projects.

The pricing: How to estimate your cabinet design cost

In the custom cabinetry world, each job is different by design and requires individual specifications, from construction details, to parts and an engineered cut list. All of these factors influence the pricing methods, which are based on linear footage (or meters in metric) and the complexity of the project. Our entire by design-manufacturing process is the most efficient on the custom cabinetry market, and highly competitive, by pricing every step of the process.

Please scroll this page for pricing examples. You will be pleased with the no-nonsense presentation. You will be getting exactly what you wish.

Cabinet maker working
Floor Plan and Elevation Cabinets by Design

Your benefits are:

We are proud to offer and promote our Custom Cabinetry Design System, which is built on minimum energy and maximum organization, less tooling, and more functionality for the highest quality possible.

  • Professional Floor Plan and Walls Layouts Drawings; online and by phone consultation for proper measurement, preparing rough estimate for your project, DIY cabinet plans to build.
  • Any room, any cabinetry project small or intricate cabinets by design planning for storage, function and beauty, instruction to build cabinets yourself.
  • Design Plans with working process outlines; examine materials needs and specifications, step by step working progress, utilizing non-standard production methods with referrals.

Take some time and browse our pages. The imagery reflects years of successful customer’s satisfaction.

Cabinets by Design Plans and Parts Packages

#1 - Design Plans (Floor Plan, Elevations and Computer Generated Perspective Views) Metric or Standard

This is all you need for successful cabinet installation and supplemental services, such as plumbing, electrical, countertops, and flooring. This package includes all cabinet and component placement with individual dimensions, numbered or coded, and also displays reveals on walls and walkways.

Floor Plan, 3D Line Drawings, and 3D Color Rendering

Cabinets by design with 3D rendering plans

Design plans for custom build home entertainment center. After collaborative design analyzing plans got changed and simplified for DIY cabinet building process. Numbered parts make communication easier. The cost for this package $12 per lineal foot of wall. (From the image above, 14 lineal ft.- $168 total)

#2 - Design Plans Plus Order List (Include Countertop Dimensions), Metric or Standard

This package will include extended options for competitive shopping or direct ordering from different shops, in full or partially. Technically, you can order cabinets and cabinetry components overseas (we do have this kind of experience and later will share with you). Also, you can order countertops, hardware, and accessories from this list. We can help.

Cabinet Parts and Components Shipping/Order List

Full set design plans and cabinet parts

Set of Cabinets by Design Drawings; Plans, Wall Elevations, Cabinets and Components Ordering List /Shipping List, Counter Tops with Dimensions. Your cost for this package will be $18 / per lineal foot of wall. (From the image above, 10 lineal ft. - $180 total)

#3 - Cabinetry Design Plus Engineered Parts Cut List (Making Cabinets Yourself Package), Pros or DIY Builders. Parts List Metric or Standard

Here is the same construction package, Cabinets by Design Building binder, we prepare for our own shops before production begins, Special Notes and Instruction Page (can include hand sketches, production, finishing tips and techniques, any other details, or instructions)

From Design to Production, Error-Free Cut List and Construction Details

Cabinets design to production parts and cut list

Design and Manufacturing Set for Your Construction Materials are sorted and grouped to minimize costly production errors, to experience maximum integration and cost saving. The price for this package will be $24-$30 / per lineal foot of wall (the price fluctuation directly is subject to construction complexity). Coming soon, page about cabinetry design and engineering cost with real numbers as an examples.

Design and Layout Packages are features include:

  • Materials and Construction Hardware List (solid wood, plywood, slides, hinges, finishes)

  • Doors, Drawer Fronts, and Panels Parts List (sorted by sizes, rail/stile/panels)

  • Drawer Box Parts List (sorted by sizes, fronts/backs/sides/bottoms)

  • Finish Side Panels List (all flat exposed side panels, sorted by size)

  • Finished Shelves List (sorted by sizes and numbered by cabinets)

  • Fillers and Valances (solid wood or plywood sorted and numbered)

  • Cabinet Box Parts List (sorted by sizes and plywood thickness, numbered by cabinets)

  • Individual Cabinet Assembly Pages (all parts for each cabinet with detailed drawing)

We guarantee all of our Design packages to be 100% complete and accurate.
Or your money back!

It is our mission to help you beautify your home, to be savvy and conscientious about saving money.

Check the page from our online design ordered project; real plans for building your own cabinets (Personal Computer Desk): online sketches, drawings, working plans, parts list, assembling...

Cabinets by Design Plans and Parts Online. DIY cabinet plans with detailed working drawings

This website was created by pros who are interested in sharing, improving, and educating consumers. We all know that many poor quality cabinet products are on the market. This is our chance to offer improvement.

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American Made Cabinets Metric

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Precise measurements closely related to accurate parts

Only Metric for detailed production: we use the Imperial system for on-site drawings and communications with customer

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All items are numbered. The main benefit is easy communication from design and manufacturing, also for shipping, sorting, installation or even replacing items.

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