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Custom Cabinets Direct and Cabinet Parts

Cabinets direct online design, plans and parts to order.
Delivering more than cabinets and parts, it's sculpt for you.

Our Custom Cabinets Direct services allow you to design online and purchase cabinets and components directly from woodworking shop; no dealer, and no middleman adding cost to the price of your cabinetry. Whether you are the home owner or a professional designer, DIY home builder or an architect… your savings will add up starting with our cabinets direct offers.

Kitchens plans page is ready for overview kitchens direct plan from design and traditional craftsmanship.

Maple wood custom built cabinets direct

RTA cabinets and parts (Maple wood, light brown stain, Sherwin-Williams conversion varnish top coat) delivered direct to the customer house from woodworking shop.

From the designer's plan (yours or ours), we create production drawings easy to understand and orchestrate the participation of other specialists involved. Plus, according to final drawings you can order cabinets direct as Ready to assemble (RTA cabinets) "flat packs", either unfinished or fully finished.

Maple wood, stain cabinet panel's parts, direct

Solid Maple wood cabinet's finished side panel's parts and fillers, radius side plus flutes.

Common custom cabinetry issues

Because of our many years' of experience we are very familiar with all the various problems people might encounter when dealing with cabinets, especially custom built ones and will guide you every step of the way to avoid them!

Home office built-in cabinets plan

Home office computer station, built-in custom cabinets plan. Design planning and attention to detail are essential to a successful outcome, construction timetable and of course, the budget.

The Prices for the production of cabinets combine material cost, labor, facility with machinery, and usual business expenses. Then there's the added cost of shipping and installation, all driving up your price. Wouldn't it be nice to avoid paying that extra huge mark-up? By ordering your cabinets direct from the production shop, you will avoid those huge mark-ups and keep those prices down, saving you money!

Home office custom cabinets wall elevation

Home office custom cabinets wall elevation, built-in cabinets; computer desk area, left and right under windows sitting benches, printer's flip up pocket doors, under cabinet lighting.

Ordering Errors are very typical for the cabinetry industry everywhere; such as incorrect measurement of rooms and size of cabinets, forgotten fillers, forgetting to allow more space for example for drawer heating units, dishwasher spaces, miscalculation for the trim moldings… etc. This is mainly because there are multiple middlemen, no personal connections and no personal responsibility.

By designing and ordering custom cabinets direct, you simply became part of the team your hiring, dealing directly with people on a first name basis, who will give you timely progress reports on your project.

Home office custom cabinets 3D color rendering

Office cabinets 3D color rendering, KCD cabinet software, RTA custom built cabinets direct.

Construction and Finishing can vary from shop to shop, as can the quality of how the cabinets are built, material used and finishes. Our Cabinetry Design, Construction Methods and Specifications are original and your cabinets are coming directly to you from our woodworking shops. We don't believe you can find better made cabinets than ours, Custom Cabinets Direct Services, and if you do, please let us know!

Office custom built-in cabinets direct

Home office custom built-in computer desk cabinets with sitting benches; Maple wood, applied molding doors, solid color painting (Sherwin-Williams conversion varnish) with glaze.

Your Benefits from Cabinets Direct Services

Highly experienced Independent Designer will personally work with you to guarantee you get exactly the design and cabinets you want without limitation!

Direct design and engineered construction drawings, such a cabinet plans and wall elevations, 3D rendering, cabinet lighting, assembly instruction, and more...

Parts list for Do it Yourself cabinet building (DIY cabinets design), or partial project design etc., if you wish to order some cabinet parts directly to be built by specification, like RTA cabinets.

Design details and unforeseen issues are caught and addressed before the fabrication phase, rather than caught in the field during installation.

Home theater custom cabinets direct with side storage

Online cabinet design and plans Home Theater, custom build specialty decorative parts; Cherry wood, side storage for audio and video components, stain and glaze painting (Sherwin-Williams conversion varnish).

High level production standards

By providing full transparency on construction methods, providing high level production standards, material choices made by you, will provide you with the satisfaction that through your personal involvement you are controlling how your money will be spent.

Materials ordered and delivered directly, photographic images from the shop (our customers love and appreciate).

Building cabinet doors and panels; sawing, shaping, gluing-assembling, sizing, sanding, etc. (beginning of the week, end of the week progress report in images)

Making drawer boxes, also progress reports in images

Painting-finishing cabinet fronts, drawers, and other parts must be finished before assembly phase will start. You will updated as the process is moving along.

Assembly and packaging for delivery… you will receive a photo collection with all of the construction-building steps, our appreciation to you as a customer, to thank you and demonstrate just customer friendly our services are!

Kitchen cabinets by design bar area

Custom kitchen cabinets by design, bar area; Cherry wood, shaker style doors stain and glaze finish, under counter refrigerator with custom panels, wine rack

The images you see over website are only from our projects and definitely all of them as custom made cabinets direct from the shop to the client's house.

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