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Quality of Custom Cabinets

The real steps to originality and quality in custom cabinets project starting from design
and cabinetry construction methods.

We use mostly frameless construction, and frameless custom, to achieve any cabinetry style as classic/traditional or modern/contemporary.

Professional Kitchen Design Ideas, Kitchen Design, or Custom Cabinets Online

Freshly renewed 3D Cabinetry Design page, detailed 3D interior design.

Quality of custom cabinets, 15 years old
Details and quality of custom cabinets

Custom Cabinets as a Quality Product

As if you don't have enough to worry about, now you have to deal with custom cabinets? When it comes to cabinets, marketers like to throw around the word “custom” in order to attract buyers to their higher priced products. Before you buy, let our experience help you identify your needs and make you aware of the pros and cons of fine custom cabinetry workmanship.

Custom Price Tag is Not Always the Issue

Ideally, if it moves toward to custom-built cabinets, you will not find these products on any store shelving. Custom cabinets are made mainly to your specific requirements and that is why you will pay a premium for this collaborative creation. Just because some inferior merchandises fly off the shelves in this market doesn't mean they are quality cabinets and that hurts us all.

It’s very difficult for a company to sell an inferior product to a knowledgeable consumer. It is our responsibility to first educate you as the buyer, so you know what you are purchasing and you won’t be deceived by unscrupulous salesmen somewhere else.

Cabinets build by customer's specification
Custom cabinets build by customer's specs

How to Prevent Design Problems

Even if you can afford to hire a professional project manager it is important for you to have some basic knowledge the job that you’re having done, and some basic information about cabinetry in general. If you are personally involved in the project will save money and give you greater control of the design and other constructive details of the project. The focus of a design process is collaboration.

An educated buyer cannot be deceived. The preparation and design of your cabinet project is about 10-15 percent your cost and decreases with your participation. The more involved and educated about the project you are, the more likely you will end up with a product you will enjoy for many years to come. Be your own boss by doing as much as you can yourself. More about a cabinet designer...

Cabinets after changes in design
Custom cabinets after the changes in design

Production Problems with Custom Cabinets

In the production cycle of any goods there are bound to be problems, and the business of custom cabinetry is a glaring example of this. How many of your friends, family or people you know personally are willing to point to themselves as the source of problems. Probably not many and that is typical for the business of building custom cabinets.

Problems arise when the customer or designer makes sudden changes. The production schedule suffers, or the manufacturer makes an output or order error and when it comes to custom projects it causes a huge uproar. All changes should be made before the start of production or problems will arise.

Original design and built cabinetry
Original design and custom built cabinets

Originality in Custom Cabinetry Project

If your cabinetmaker doesn't produce the parts and merely outsources them your dream of an original personal product gets lost. Take the Cadillac, Lexus, or the Mercedes, they offer quality products, but you’ll agree they're not custom build products.

Our notion of quality is as subjective as the concept of happiness. We’re different, in that quality is a product of our evolution. We’re taught from early on to separate storage shelving from custom furniture, and warm beautiful furniture from cheap stamping. Universally, we have triumphed over Steve Jobs and Bill Gates creations where convenience and necessity emphasizes a strict notion of quality. Are these attributes we would like to see in the artistry of creating custom cabinets’ project?

Quality tag of custom cabinets
Quality under the tag of “custom cabinets"

Quality in the Name of Custom Cabinets

From early beginning, from design that pushes us all to excellence we want to be an original. We speaking over loudly; here, we compete with our neighbors in the house and the houses of our friends, the «custom cabinets» affect us and jealously talking to decorate party and receptions of friends.

So nice if possible to be warmed by simple chunk of wood and be delighted; the closer you get the warmer respond. Or when you are alone in the bathroom and those few minutes behind...-the eye is follow glides hand...- little things do not slip away and not get lost by touch. You suddenly realize why you paid for the pleasure and spend wisely... years later.

Quality custom cabinets in pictures and details

Home built country pine custom cabinets

Home built country pine custom cabinets

Step by step process: engineered design with cut list for parts, best materials available, ordering parts from the local cabinet shop, finishing and assembling parts at home, installation.

Of-white and glazed kitchen custom cabinets

Of white glazed kitchen custom cabinets

Quality product from design: soft maple all fronts and parts, antic white solid color finish (conversion varnish), frameless, formaldehydes free plywood construction, custom details

Mahogany kitchen, cabinetry end-panel details

African mahogany kitchen custom cabinets

African mahogany kitchen, original design custom built cabinets: solid mahogany fronts, apply molding doors, furniture grade formaldehydes free plywood cabinets construction, radius bottom end-panels, light valance

Butler's pantry; quite simple - quality and beauty

Quality and beauty, butler's pantry cabinets

Collaborative design ideas, painted and lightly glazed cabinets, like it waiting to be visited. Warm to touch wooden countertop, glass-fronted larders, practical and no disputed furniture quality claim

Custom cabinets, more details and ideas

American Cabinets Direct
Supply to your Home or Job

American Cabinets Business to Business Link

American Cabinets Business to Business. Happy Customer, Trouble free Installation, Beautiful product

Making Cabinets and Parts

Building cabinetry parts to order... from plywood, ready to assemble

Making Cabinets and Parts Link

Custom made cabinet parts are numbered and labeled to match with the drawings, predrilled for hardware and shelving, ready to assemble.

Design Cabinets Online to Build

Engineered plans and Drawings to build cabinets yourself; parts list, making cabinet plans

Design Cabinets Page Link

Online Design Cabinets to Build Yourself for new projects or renovations, help yourself to finish your dream plans successfully.

Cabinets by Design Complete Engineered Packages

Cabinets by Design Service allow you to envision your personal involvement in the custom cabinets project, or making cabinetry yourself.

Cabinets by Design Packages Page Link

Design plus Engineered Cabinet Parts List for making cabinets yourself, individual cabinet sssembly pages

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