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Custom Kitchen Building Online
Design Plans, Materials and Installation

This page is about custom kitchen building online process; kitchen design plans and style, custom cabinetry materials and tips for installation.
You must to start from kitchen floorplan and wall elevations. The real kitchen cabinetry cost is possible to know only after cabinets design complete and all details are specified. And don't be fooled with "free kitchen design" offer, it's simply mean the "design fee" are bared into the cabinetry price you are buying.
Custom kitchen design and building process is more complicated and more rewording then designing stock kitchen cabinetry. Designing custom kitchen requires from designer some artistic ability and engineering knowledge, otherwise it will be only moving catalog's components into your "custom kitchen building" plan.

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About this Custom Kitchen:
I'm not that good in computer uses, call me old fashion guy,
but I succeed to find over the Internet "CCD", and all my vision somehow changed almost overnight. Just love it!
The info from the site, the images are speaking of the quality inside and out. Here is "Construction" and "Finishing" absolutely finest human kind can create.
John and Linda, Michigan

What is Custom Kitchen Means vs. Only the Name?

Custom built kitchen with integrated windows trim

Custom kitchen cabinets with custom windows trim

Small kitchen with luxury treated details

The kitchen cabinets makers these days can call as "custom" product by non-standard cabinet sizes.
Only special cabinet's sizes will not make your project as kitchen custom built.
It will cost you more for sure then stock cabinets, but no art of decorating or functionality coming after cabinet sizes.

Custom kitchen building details trim

Custom Made Small Details Making Huge Difference

Building custom kitchen details and trim

Building Custom Kitchen Starts from Special Details

Building custom kitchen island details

Building Kitchen Island with Custom Made Details and Trim

When you buying your custom kitchen cabinets from the dealer you ending paying the design fee and extra markups.
Nice remark, some cabinetry dealers are working very creatively and even challenge cabinetry builders to get improved.

Installing the Custom Built Kitchen Cabinets

I'm John, and now my chance to say few words about building custom kitchen cabinets online and installation process

Custom kitchen building dirty work

Here is myself at work. Don't you think I'm posing to the camera? – We proudly installed all kitchen cabinetry ourselves according to CCD's instruction.
After all we hired Vlad personally for crown molding trim. It was pricy but well done.
(- John, did our Team saved you bunch? – Please stop being so cheap..? - From Vlad Smile )

Year later we admired the preference of Metric System they (CCD) use for building cabinets, and trimming methods also.
Here are no mistakes or wrong cuts!

Custom kitchen built installation image

Here is the Custom Kitchen Built Installation Image

Custom kitchen installation details

More Custom Kitchen Installation Details Image

Custom kitchen trim details treatment

Custom Trim Installation Details Became as Special Treatment

The installation myself as I did to save some... became as muddy work when we start all knocking down of old cabinets.

Design and Building Kitchen Cabinetry Plans
the Most Important Stages to Succeed!

From John: - Being myself as builder-contractor over 30 years I did not recognize how important the all cabinetry Blue Prints as Working Plans.
Building my own custom kitchen I simply learned how essential to have the clear structure of Who and When,
having on-hand Scheduling and Work Plans, Production Time and Appliances Ordering Timing.

From Design Plan to Cabinetry Style, Materials and Installation

All these Little Planning's saved our budget and makes our Work Process Purely Enjoyable.

Custom kitchen building plan online

Custom Kitchen Building Floorplan (online small scale, in reality it's very easy to read), you must to double-triple check all dimensions.

Custom kitchen building plan

This plan looks even more complicated in online scale, but again in reality with wall elevations it's became easy to read and follow.

Vlad, CCD Services
John and Linda
Michigan, USA

Help with Custom Kitchen Building

We will add this page soon with more info regarding custom kitchen materials, online design and installation plans.

If you need parts list for your kitchen cabinets building, or help with finishing you can contact us.
Helping with construction materials; comparing the cost and benefits of over custom kitchen building cabinets, especially for long time kitchen cabinetry projects.

Online kitchen cabinetry design and building process consulting step-by-step.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Online is Ok to Build. Let's Build it!

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