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Cabinetry Design Floor Plan & Elevations,
Custom Cabinet Layouts and Plans to Build Project

Floor plan elevations drawings are more useful for cabinet making then for the customers vision of ordering cabinets.
We as a consumers really don't care much about how it's designed, but we do appreciate functionality and beauty, and the quality of the finished product. Here is a good sample of cabinets building plans, home office design.

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From floor plans and wall elevation cabinetry 3D Design page, highest quality standards.
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Better Cabinetry Design and Planning

Here is the result of better design and planning; perfect measuring of the walls, engineering cabinet parts, layouts and functional wall elevations.

Better than average kitchen cabinets design layout in details

Far above average kitchen cabinets design layout in details; no windows trim, cabinet's side panels became window casing treatment, superior custom cabinetry parts original and functionally oriented, smart dividing for difficult areas of back splashes, trim and countertops.

Kitchen Cabinets Design Drawings, Floor Plan and Elevations Reviews

Kitchen cabinets floor plan overview in details

Kitchen cabinets floor plan overview: numbered walls, doors and window, numbered cabinets and components, indicated walking distances between countertops.

When working to create cabinet layouts the lines, dimension numbers, and functionality are the only priorities, you simply must to forget about colors or even shapes of the final product. So your final target at this point of the project uses "feet" cabinets in the space which eliminates rubbing and hitting, biting and scratching... To be perfectly clear one more time, - all surrounding elements on the plan are very important and we will give equal consideration to all of them.

Window wall cabinets design layout in details

Wall #1 Elevation; window treatment with arched light valance, lighting above sink area, pullout double trash cabinet, all cabinet components are numbered and easy to replace.

Floor plan and elevations for a custom cabinetry project begins with the walls; every part on the design drawings has a number, no configuring north, south, east, west, just numbers. From the beginning, it is important accurately design the cabinet's layout, especially if you plan to build your own cabinets.

Cabinets design layout cooking area elevation

Wall #2 Elevation, cooking area; kitchen hood with custom built cabinetry pullout spice racks, arched light valances under and above the hood, some special details in mind of cabinet designer to build… for uniqueness of the project (see the final photo down of the page).

Numbering Parts and Components on the Floor Plan & Elevations

Let's take a look at how the numbering of parts and components will help you move from the floor plan to the wall elevation; implement changes, improvements, or parts replacement.

If you don't like base cabinet #6 with Drawer and two Doors and would like to replace with, a 3Drawer cabinet, no problem, it will be #6 on all your lists with specific dimensions. It is very easy to modify; simply remove cab #6 and replace with the desired cabinet. All specs and parts will automatically change.

Again, let's get into the details on drawings. Wall #1 has on its surface window #1, cabinets and panels with random numbers. The end panels #33 and #32 can be the trim for window #1; also as the finished end panels for cabinets #43 and #36.

Kitchen cabinets refrigerator wall design layout

Wall #5 Elevation, refrigerator area; here are two 27” wide refrigerators side-by-side, pantry storage cabinets surrounding on left and right, decorative columns neighboring and finishing the view.

Kitchen island wall cabinets design elevation

Kitchen Island, or Wall #6 Elevation; there are two base cabinets and 3 drawer cabinet in the middle, decorative post with finished panels on the sides of the island.

When floor plan & wall elevations are finished we create a 3D rendered presentation drawings, so you can actually see what the final product will look like (below).

Kitchen design 3D presentation drawings

Computer generated 3D presentation drawings, and after some communication back and forth with customer, many things got changed.

Kitchen cabinets image design layout in details

Same room, same walls dimensions; same floor plan and wall elevations, only more custom cabinetry details.

Home Office Walls Elevation with Custom Cabinetry

On this project, for the final design, all columns were replaced from fluted to half-round ones. Also #3, 4, 13 and 20 became square (not mitered).

Home office floor plan and cabinets wall elevation

Overall, dimensions stay the same. But again, it will be no big deal to tweak cabinet sizes. Your final goal is to stay perfectly between corner walls.

Home Office Cabinets Plans, more Options

Few more images of the same walls openings for home office cabinet’s layout; slightly changed shape of the countertop, but what you can't see from the plan view one long counter (which is difficult to make over 8’ long) now became 3 counter tops. These changes make production much easier and installation as well.

Home office custom cabinets floor plan

Different rounded front shape countertop for desk area.

Home office custom cabinets wall elevation

This elevation drawing clearly shows broken counters straight line from the previous image, and 3 counters will be less expensive to build, easy to install.

Home office custom cabinets 3D veiw presentation

This image helps you visualize some little but practical changes in design.

The last improvement we made is to break up the straight line of top cabinets with crown moldings.

Home office custom cabinets design improvement

Now even crown molding can be premade for you by the cabinet shop (we call it crown cap, and shipped to you ready to install on top of the cabinet, just slide on…). What a brilliant solution for RTA or DIY type of cabinetry building.

Home office custom cabinets 3D veiw presentation

Just another 3D image helps you to visualize practical changes in cabinetry design.

Resuming Cabinet Design Planning's

With a smart floor plan and elevations; all cabinets, fillers, panels, windows and house doors will have their own unique number, which will follow them through the entire process. This allows for easy communication from design through manufacturing and ultimately installation. Every service personal involved in the project; plumber, electrician, painter, etc... and home owner, will use the same set of drawings for their specific needs. Additionally this makes it relatively simple to order replacement components or matching appliances to the specified openings on the drawings.

It doesn't matter on which kind of custom cabinetry project you design you floor plan and elevations drawings; small bathroom, home office, kitchen or walk in closet, just try to build them intelligently and only one's during the entire construction process.

If your floor plan and elevations design are done properly, you can utilize them successfully to build your own cabinets at home.

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Thanks from Kris & Joe

Thank you, thank you! Just an amazing job has being done overall. Sorry to not have commented earlier. Big smiles when we see our kitchen photos on your website.

Kris & Joe, Michigan


Thank you for huge help in design, you do OverDelivery. I want to do this project right, and use your "Pro" knowledge and skills. Your hand-drawn picture is great, I would like to copy that as much as possible. If I build most of it myself, the budget will not be a problem.

I have been studying your cabinet making instructions and many other pages from your website. I am ready to start my career as a cabinet builder! I like the challenge of building something that will look great. I have several tools and know a wood worker that I can borrow some tools if needed.

I know it will not be easy, but I know that you can advise me through the complex parts. I will take your road map to build this project step by step. We know that this will not be a quick project, but we are anxious to get started.

Tim and Paula

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