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Welcome to the World of Frameless Cabinets
Design and Construction in Details

There is no reason to discuss frameless cabinet's advantages over face frame construction. We better will show you all that beauty and functionality you can get by converting your mind into the frameless cabinetry construction.

Only benefits!!! for everyone; home owner who buying cabinetry project getting more storage spaces, and cabinetmakers as a builders for working with less parts to shape, sand and finish. Buy the way, majority of images over our site is strictly frameless custom cabinetry built.

Frameless Cabinets Construction Simplicity Benefits

All ingenious is simple! And frameless construction simplicity has absorbed in itself a freshness of man created materials, durable and completely aesthetic as multi-layer plywood. The "Old World" is not always ahead of, but here the Europeans certainly set the tone, even such a construction is often referred to as the European style.

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Frameless Construction vs Face Frame

Base cabinet's images side-by-side, Frameless and Framed

frameless vs framed base cabinets image

Base cabinets fronts visual comparison, from left-to-right, frameless, framed, frameless

frameless vs frame open drawers image

Base cabinets' visual comparison open drawer boxes, from left-to-right, framed, frameless

Frameless and Framed cabinets top view, showing the drawer of two cabinets side reveals;
1 1/2" (38 mm) – framed, and 1/4” frameless construction.

face-frame cabinet drawer spaces image

Base, face-framed drawer box cabinet opening spaces, top view

frameless cabinet drawer spaces image

Frameless base, drawer box cabinet opening spaces, top view

Frameless Base Cabinet Parts Details

Here is the most practical frameless base cabinet construction method, drawing images.
The Base Cabinet Bottom is full width and technically separate from the toe space area for a few reasons.

frameless base cabinet construction parts image

Base cabinet plywood construction parts numbered:

- 1, 2 – Sides 3/4” Ply, actual thickness 18-18.5 mm
- 3 – Bottom 3/4” Ply
- 4,5,6 – Spanner 3/4" Ply
- 7 – Back 1/4” Ply
- 8, 9 – Back Cleats 1/2" Ply
- 10 – Toe Kick Box/Legs

Toe Kick Area Construction

3/4" Plywood Legs, T-shaped and L-shaped (for end's cabinetry)

frameless cabinets toe kick area image

Plywood legs or toe boxes are the most economical way for creating cabinet toe space,
and separate cabinets from the floor.
And definitely, this construction method most suitable for DIY project, or home building cabinetry.
No matter how nice will be your cabinetry cut list it's always a scrap material to build the legs.

frameless cabinets toe kick legs image

Base cabinet plywood legs and simple toe box construction

We usually using the plastic leveling legs (around $1.5-2 per/leg), it's very convenient for installation, no shims.

adjustable plastic cabinet legs image

Base cabinets' adjustable plastic cabinet legs, 3 3/4"-5” tall.

adjustable plastic legs bottom view image

Fixed base cabinet plastic legs bottom view.


Even built in a small workshop, equipped with traditional woodworking machinery, frameless cabinetry doesn’t lose their economic value and charm. With a skillful design it is easy to obtain traditional or classic style, or fit into modern-contemporary elegance.

Frameless cabinets are right mixture of forms, style and functionality. Reasonably constructed with a minimum number of parts, frameless cabinets are very durable and easy to manufacture.

Soon, this page will be updated with more valuable info.

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