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How to Build Cabinets Smart Way and Eliminate Costly Mistakes?

The most reliable Tutorial how to build cabinets,
- Guaranty!

- Simple cabinetry construction methods
- Minimum cabinet parts to prepare
- Quality insured from working design plans
- Smart design for easy part painting
- No special tooling for assembly cabinets
- You can order your custom cabinet plans

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Our Pain, - How to Design Cabinets Best Tips for Smart Kitchen Design

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Your Best Cabinet Specs and soon will be updated with more info.

Building Base Cabinets Reviews and Improvements, will be added soon.

Smart Wall Cabinets Design and Building, here we go in details.

About Painting Cabinets, there is coming pages! and videos, soon.

The heavy demanded page Build Your Own Cabinets is also under revision to rebuild.

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Analyzing the Cabinet Building System

How to build cabinets

Most woodworkers know they own way how to build cabinets, and construction methods are very from doweling for the industrial production, with SNS help popular blind dados construction, or pocket screwing for general cabinet building.

We are offering for your review our most reasonable methods how to build cabinets, suitable for professional shops, or building high-end cabinets by DIY building in garage spaces.

Just freshly renewed 3D Cabinetry Design page, we hope you will be impressed.

Cabinet Making Gluing and clamping video, About the Glue and Universal Clamping Station

To visualize the cabinet building process let's name the production steps; making or ordering door/drawer fronts and other front parts, making/ordering drawer boxes, cutting and making ready to assemble cabinet boxes, and… and so important last step, - painting or finishing cabinets and cabinetry parts.

Review how to build cabinets

If making/building cabinet parts most cabinetmakers have no problems, from building doors and drawer boxes, but they shaking legs and scratching foreheads how to get ready for finishing steps, being productive and support quality of cabinet making skills?

Cabinets design for the best finishing result

Design and Building Cabinets for Easy and Best Possible Finishes

Before even start building cabinets we are thinking how to finish cabinets and parts, and the most important, - how to make finishing process most comfortable and quality level predictable. The cabinet design must to work for finishing/painting in mind.

The answer is simple; maximum parts for flat painting and less finishing volumes like cabinets after assembly.

Here is few tips how to design and build cabinets for easy and reliable finishing result:

Finishing cabinetry carcass parts before assembly include finished interior cabinet parts.

Spraying drawer boxes without bottoms; it's very possible, easy to sand, easy for finisher, and quality is up.

Doors, Side Panels, Decorative Posts… finish/paint horizontally for the best result.

Designing and making trim parts as caps, as much as possible and finishing before installation.

Using prefinished cabinet materials, like prefinished plywood to build the cabinet box.

Custom frameless cabinetry laundry room parts

How to Design Cabinets for the Best Quality
Project Outcome

No doubts it's will be the frameless construction with 3/4" (19 mm) cabinet carcass, or at list 5/8" (16 mm) thickness. And what is the reason these days to build face framed cabinets? If you trying to save on material cost (as most business doing), - think about labor cost, especially building custom cabinetry project?

If you like the “Inset Look”, its simple; surrounds your cabinets with decorative panels or posts, functional valances and trim. For the most small and big cabinetry projects can be designed and built for flat/horizontal finishing, to avoid finishing boxes.

And by the way, consider moving to Metric, as all cabinetry materials long time ago not matching 3/4" by thickness, same with 1/2" or 1/4", and calculate cabinet parts became as nightmare in Standards.

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Making Your Own Custom Cabinets isn't as Hard as it Looks.

This is the first of many pages on cabinet making, and we need to cover fundamentals. There are three basic types of cabinets: base, wall, and tall. You can build them yourself at home.

Building Base Cabinets (Construction and Parts Made from Plywood)

Base Cabinet Parts List
  • 1,2) - Side Base - 3/4"(18.5 mm) Plywood SCF* - 1 Finished Edge

  • 3) - Bottom Base - 3/4"(18.5 mm) Plywood SCF - 1 Finished Edge

  • 4,5,6) - Spanner - 3/4"(18.5 mm) Plywood SCF - 1 Finished Edge

  • 7) - Back - 1/4"(5.5 mm) Plywood SCF

  • 8,9) - Back Cleats - 1/2"(12 mm) Plywood

  • 10) - Leveller Legs - Plastic

* SCF - One Side Clear Finish // ** 2SCF - Two Sides Clear Finish

Adjustable legs resolve problems of non-ideal flooring and more: eliminates use of wedges (shims), save a material (one standard sheet makes six sides of base cabinet), the sides no need to be notched for foot space. An important change in design: the cabinet's bottom should be full width and sides will stand on the bottom (for durability of strength).

Please? check our cabinetry specifications page for more info.

Building Wall Cabinets (Parts List, Crown Molding, Light Valance)

Wall Cabinet Parts List
  • 1,2) - Side Wall - 3/4"(18.5 mm) Plywood SCF - 1 Finished Edge

  • 3) - Bottom Wall - 3/4"(18.5 mm) Plywood SCF - 1 Finished Edge

  • 4) - Top Wall - 3/4"(18.5 mm) Plywood SCF - 1 Finished Edge

  • 5) - Back Wall - 1/4"(5.5 mm) Plywood SCF

  • 6,7) - Back Cleats - 1/2"(12 mm) Plywood

  • 8) - Light Valance - 21 mm Solid Wood

  • 9) - Starter and Crown - 21 mm Solid Wood

  • Shelves - 3/4"(18.5 mm) Plywood 2SCF** - 1 Finished Edge

Back hanging cleats (6,7) above and below attach to the walls: only two strips to adjust with wedges (shims), this is easier than the full surface of a cabinet. Finished Panels (not shown) set up to cover all imperfections from attachment cabinets to the walls: which is easy to scribe, matching the wall shape. Finished panels (End Panels) working the same way for all three types of cabinets.

Note: Tne Light Valance constructed to except 12 mm Light Panel for covering all electric wiring, and finishing undersides of wall cabinets; for a nice, and clean appearance.

The Crown System: working same way for Wall and Tall cabinets, also for Panels and Posts.

Building Pantry / Tall Cabinets (Construction and Parts List)

Pantry Cabinet Parts List
  • 1,2) - Side Tall - 3/4"(18.5 mm) Plywood SCF - 1 Finished Edge

  • 3) - Bottom Tall - 3/4"(18.5 mm) Plywood SCF - 1 Finished Edge

  • 4) - Top Tall - 3/4"(18.5 mm) Plywood SCF - 1 Finished Edge

  • 5) - Top Mid - 3/4"(18.5 mm) Plywood 2SCF - 1 Finished Edge

  • 6) - Back - 1/4"(5.5 mm) Plywood SCF

  • 7,8,9) - Back Cleats - 1/2"(12 mm) Plywood

  • 10) - Leveller Legs - Plastic

  • Shelves - 3/4"(18.5 mm) Plywood 2SCF - 1 Finished Edge

Tall Cabinet construction is a combination of two: from the flooring as base cabinet, from the top like wall cabinets build.

Note: Tne Crown System constructed from two parts; Starter (with options to be extended) and actual Crown Molding, fastened to the Starter.

Construction methods you pick, and how to build cabinets specifications, must satisfy you during the entire process. Before the building process starts, it is important to know what materials to use (dimensions, durability, healthiness or esthetics...). To calculate parts list with precise dimensions, it is better to use the metric system

Pictures Speak Louder than Thousand Words

Enjoy this slide show from small and successful custom cabinetry shop

Building Cabinets Handmade, Green Building Cabinets form Solid Wood Linear Footage Solid Wood Cabinet Parts Sanding Wood on Drum Sander Cabinet Door and Fronts Profile Knifes Installing on Molder’s Head Profile Knifes Doors Profile Stock after Molder Clamping the Mitered Cabinet Door Cabinet Maker Clamping Mitered Cabinet Doors Assembly of How to Build Cabinets Cabinet Maker Cleaning Dust after Installation Jazzing, Custom Cabinetry Improvisation How to Build Cabinet Details and Shine Custom Build under Cabinet Lighting All Wood Custom Cabinet Door Handle Custom Cabinets after 9 Years of Heavy Use Back to Work, Build more Nice Cabinets

For many years, we have asked ourselves, how to build cabinets, and now you can compare online how to design and make working plans, how to create a parts list and be profitable with custom made cabinets? Or how to build cabinets yourself at home, or at small shops; some of our friends are having fun building cabinets in their own garages.

Pick any house in the world; the walls, ceilings, and floors are never going to be perfectly straight or level. This means, by designing built in cabinets, you are obligated to take these build imperfections into account. Now, we are back to the same question; How to build cabinets, cleverly?

It is essential to know how to build cabinets before you start to design the project. For efficiency of the process solitary, do it ones; floor plan and elevations for a visual and construction steps.

Working Plans with Step by Step Instructions

Sketches, drawings, working plans, parts list, assembling...

How To Build Cabinets Your Own

How to Build Cabinets yourself the areas highlighted:

  • Design: floor plans and elevations, listing cabinets and components

  • Construction methods and specifications: precise parts will fit properly

  • Generating parts list: sorting and ordering materials, listing parts to be build, budgeting

  • Preparing or/and collecting parts: ordering/building, and making ready to assemble cabinets

  • Assembling cabinets: one cabinet - one page with all listed parts

  • Specialties and Details: creating a valuable custom cabinet project

Check the page from our online design ordered project; real plans for building your own cabinets (Personal Computer Desk)

Working Plan Check List to Build Cabinetry Project, Step by Step System to Follow:

1. Floor Plan and Elevations Drawings, with numbering cabinets and components

2. Budgeting the project by material used and labor (outsourcing or making yourself)

3. Sorting and listing cabinet parts by similar fabrication methods

4. Preparing / collecting parts by ordering or building your own

5. Finishing all necessary parts and components before assembling

6. Assembling cabinets after all parts are ready and handy

7. Numbering cabinets and construction components before installation

8. Marking on the design plans parts ready for installation (or delivery)

All Design Plans to build cabinets and cabinet part list ...must be completed before production begins! - No exceptions.

You can take our word, or make your own research for online design: you will not find any better or clearer instruction How to build Cabinets... from scratch, plywood, custom, at home, your own. The system we are sharing; How to Build Cabinets, the most progressive, convenient to use, and profitable.

For professional help check out: Cabinets by Design Packages, and for building cabinets your own, Cabinet Maker Services.

CCD Services Cabinet Building System

Would you like to build cabinets for profit?
The meanings will be the same if you will make cabinets for your own needs with less cost.

Or if you feel you can participate at any stage of the process; like cutting and preparing flat cabinet's parts,
or maybe you are good in finishing/painting... let us know? Bottom of the page, contact form.

If you will say yes, we can help you to do so, from designing and parts cut list...
We simply will cover only what you can't build yourself working with you as Team.

Comments and Contact Form

Ask your questions, make your wishes, comments... We do listen!
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Cabinet Making Comments and Requests

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Only Metric for detailed production: we use the Imperial system for on-site drawings and communications with customer

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Floor-plan and Elevations

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Floor-plan and Elevations Page Link

All items are numbered. The main benefit is easy communication from design and manufacturing, also for shipping, sorting, installation or even replacing items.

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