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Professional Kitchen Design Ideas with Innovative Craftsmanship

Old world charm in kitchen design and a spacious cooking area is the dream of many homeowners.
In this kitchen just off the dining area and family room, the owners desired a warm,
Old-World atmosphere in a new house.
The Custom Kitchen Design page, Design Kitchen Cabinets services, or Building Custom Kitchen page.

For the floor plan and all wall elevations from this specific kitchen project,
please check on our floor plan kitchen design page;
you'll find the dimensions of walls and kitchen cabinets' layouts are real.

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Kitchen Design Phases with Changes

Let's start from the final image. In kitchen design we work in phases...
there are many stages that increase in detail along the way.

Kitchen cabinets design ideas photo, layout in details

The builder had already shown the spec house to the clients, which was located on a nearby lot. However, the clients did not care for the "builder choices" available for the kitchen. They chose instead to invest in a fully custom kitchen design.

Unique top kitchen 3d view crated for customers vision

Here is a unique top view with very realistic interior design for the customer's vision: their custom created kitchen presentation with interior design details.

Presenting to customer's kitchen 3d view design for the new house

Pros love professional kitchen design software. Why? Presenting our customer's vision of their dream kitchen lets them truly visualize the space for their new house kitchen design.

As for the functional aspect of cabinets, planning was amazingly easy- not many changes were reflected in the original kitchen layout design idea. Cooking areas, post-shopping unloading areas, and a spot for quick snacks around the island were achieved easily.

Kitchen designs, windows views are very special to get comfortable washing the cookware

For kitchen designs, places with window views can be very special places- a comfortable spot for washing the cookware, efficient task lighting, and optimal placement for the dishwasher can be very important and personal choices.

From the doing business aspect, and after some personal referrals, the couple essentially said, "This is your design idea. Just finish it up the way you'd like it." We appreciate the trust, but since it wasn't the final stage, we weren't ready to fire up the cabinet building tools just yet. The colors and final finished appearance of the kitchen cabinetry were yet to be decided.

Uniqueness in Kitchen Design and Décor Ideas

The tight collaboration of cabinetry and interior designers, the owners, and our custom cabinetry shop resulted in a unique and personalized kitchen. We envisioned the room for a couple who like to cook, and want enough space for everyday dining with their children.

Kitchen cabinets design working areas dining space

The island was truly a workhorse- unimpeded counter area with tons of storage below. Simply a great spot for prep work or a quick snack, or even to lay out a buffet for guests in this multi-functional space.

The builder worked with us and the couple through the course of completion. Always on time, we supplied each room’s cabinetry ready to be installed, instructions upfront about lighting wiring and dimensional specs, and concluding with the interior décor stage to over deliver for our customers.

Kitchen 3d cabinetry layout made by KCD cabinetry software

Here is the original rough 3D kitchen cabinetry layout, made with KCD cabinetry software, including a lighting and wood grains presentation.

The customer reaction was overwhelming and so lovely; our kitchen design team and interior décor designers, plus old world craftsmanship offered from the custom cabinetry shop... was the icing on the cake for the client's new home.

Kitchen design décor, offering decorative options

The completed kitchen design. Interior décor ideas: A lovely rug, candlesticks, and tea kettle make the room feel lived in without too much clutter, and allow the cabinetry to take center stage.

These handmade creative elements from wood, even for many professionals, beg the question: "How was it done?"

Answer: Art and engineering.

Creative old word craftsmanship working with wood

Handmade old word craftsmanship with wood involves understanding the wood in detail- how it moves, its density, how it takes to staining, and more. Custom details are possible with a breadth of knowledge of woodworking.

Final Changes Kitchen Design Phases

In a later phase, the clients decided to change the kitchen island to a darker tone, and build it from African mahogany. They also decided on custom made posts at the corners.

Then there was a question of lighting over the kitchen island, and the joint effort of designers and cabinetmakers appeared by creating this one of a kind light canopy.

Kitchen cabinets island light canopy some very special details

The arches in this custom kitchen island light canopy are echoed around the room. In addition, the custom arched valance above sink area combines with custom lighting placement.

At the last phase of kitchen design, including the interior décor of kitchen furniture, our clients unconditionally chose custom made details and enthusiastically said, "With all our search work in magazines and on the Internet, we have never seen such elegant cabinetry components."

Interior Design, Making the Kitchen Space Attractive

Making radius metered doors with no meter splits

Custom cabinetry details and the quality of their production elevates kitchen cabinets from mere boxes to heirloom furniture quality pieces.

Interior kitchen décor has become the focus of professional designers around the globe.
Good interior designers have an understanding of what makes an enjoyable interior; not only in the best use of space but in the choice of colors, materials and fine construction details.

Kitchen designers and custom cabinetmakers details

Our CCD Services team of designers and custom cabinetmakers can assist you not only with specifying kitchen design and cabinetry but with all aspects of the total interior décor including the choice of reliable appliances, counter top materials, back splashe treatment, flooring and accessories.

Having in your team independent empathetic person to guide you and offer advice about materials can help you make your own decisions about what really suits you and your home.

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