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Custom Kitchens Direct, Original Design and Traditional Craftsmanship

If you're in search for kitchens direct or custom kitchen parts direct from the workshop, this is the place.

Remodeling kitchen space, moving walls, ordering furniture grade cabinets directly from a woodworking shop, and the process of building... are all on this page.

Remodeling our kitchen space before

Before remodeling: the kitchen space.

With a set of design drawings for each room, anything can be specially designed and crafted. It may be that you would prefer the wall cabinetry a little higher or a unit made to fit into a difficult space.

Remodeling, what happens to our kitchen after

New kitchen space after remodeling: moving walls, ordering cabinets direct as RTA and replacing old cabinets.

Absolute Control over the Kitchen Design

Because all the kitchen cabinetry parts are hand-made to order, you have absolute control over the design. Ones you have decided on the design, the working drawings are sent by designer to the woodworking shop with all necessary details.

Small space luxury kitchen direct floor plan

We simply call it "small-space luxury kitchen floor plan"

KCD software kitchen visual 3d cabinetry rendering presentation

Helping our client to visualize future project, we present our KCD cabinetry software 3D rendering image.

At this stage, the working drawings with custom design notes and pencil drawings of kitchen hood construction are prepared for your cabinets to be built; materials and cabinet hardware are also ordered.

Old kitchen cabinets removed from the walls

Old kitchen cabinets removed from the walls and room is ready to be extended to the garage area.

Moving kitchen wall into garage space, kitchen remodeling

The original design planned to move 18” of the back kitchen wall into garage space.

Kitchen Remodeling, Cabinets RTA Direct from the Workshop.

Pencil drawings, computer design, walls measurements... all were done to get visual images of the project we werw trying to accomplish.

Maple wood kitchen stained door sample

Maple-wood kitchen stained door sample with glaze

Images from the shop we supplied to the customer at the end of every week included the results of:
Making maple-wood raised panel doors 13/16" (21 mm) final thickness,
Staining and lightly glazing cabinetry matched to the sample,
Creating custom made panels and fillers details,
Using two different finishes for kitchen cabinets and island cabinets.

Maple kitchen cabinet door stained in finishing room

Kitchen cabinet door stained in finishing room

Maple kitchen cabinet door stained in finishing room

The same kitchen door as an actual kitchen cabinetry door sample, after the sealing coat and glaze applied.

Kitchen door the best time to clean glazing spray

Te next day, (let it dry overnight) is the best time to clean glazing spray

Checking and matching all finishing steps and parts

Checking and matching all finishing steps is a very important detail in the kitchen design, to build consistency in their appearance. Consistency in a refined finish creates an elegant end result.

Kitchen cabinet doors and parts on drying rack, lighting reflection

The kitchen cabinet doors and parts are on the drying rack, showing the finish quality in the reflection of light. It's simply the best finish you can get.

Kitchen Cabinet Parts, Images from Woodworking Shop

Kitchen china cabinetry custom built side panels

Kitchen china cabinetry custom built side panels and base cabinet front columns in maple, stained and glazed

Kitchen fluted fronts details china cabinet's

Fluted fronts to the china cabinet's side panels in maple, stained and glazed.

Cabinet maple glazed doors on drying rack

Cabinet doors on drying rack; the glaze must dry overnight for proper removal of excess (Sherwin-Williams glaze and conversion varnish finishing system).

Old fashion way to secure glass into the door frame

Traditional, old fashioned way to secure glass into the door frame: custom made glass-door moldings in maple. No plastic or staples here!

Glass molding into a doorframe

The glass molding is applied into a doorframe and secured with pin nails.

Solid color off-white painting, glaze

Cabinet parts in finishing room, with solid color off-white painting and glaze. Excess glaze is removed, and then the cabinetry must be clear coated to protect the glazing.

Solid color fluted side panel cabinet construction

Fluted side panel cabinet construction, with open bottom for toe kicks.

Kitchen Cabinets Installation

The cabinets' installation is easier to start from the tallest wall cabinets first, perfectly leveled and parallel (plumb).

Hanging wall kitchen cabinets

Wall and tall kitchen cabinets are secured

Kitchen cabinets installation progress, ready for granite

Kitchen cabinets installation progress, cabinets ready for granite counter top.

Work around custom made kitchen wooden hood

Kitchen direct cabinet parts, including a custom made wooden hood.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Craftsmanship Details

It is time to highlight the cabinet making and installation skills, so why not start from the end result? The project needs to be seen as a process, with attention to all the beauty in the details!

Cabinet making and installation skills

Only the highest professionalism will do for the trimming and coping skills of fully finished, custom crown moldings. You would be hard pressed to find this level of trim carpentry anywhere. We do it all for you.

Small custom kitchen direct luxury you can get

Only by ordering your kitchen direct from the cabinet maker, can you get that kind of craftsmanship details. "Show the Love," is how we feel about it.

Engendered design plus high level of craftsmanship

A well-engineered design plus high level of craftsmanship equaled a quality product and result.

Engendered china kitchen cabinets craftsmanship

Kitchen cabinets craftsmanship is revealed in a full height china hutch.

Speaking of woodworking, even without cabinet building knowledge and techniques, there is a point related to cabinet making skills that everyone should know. The cabinet maker is supposed to know the installation process from A to Z, and only then build the product. This ensures you will have a beautiful outcome.

The Cabinet Making Finishing Skills are Most Visible

Time to talk about finishing. Most woodworkers will honestly ignore issues of finishing… they count themselves as steps above other cabinetmakers, and make "finishing parts and components" sound like novice skills. But there are many grades of finish work in the actual surface finish of cabinetry. A fine furniture grade finish, especially one using glaze or distressing, takes both skill and artistry.

Multistep kitchen parts under light reflection

Multi-step, custom finishes for kitchen parts under light reflection. What was used for this process? Stain, glaze, final clear coat, one right hand, and Sherwin-Williams wood finishing product.

Both cabinet makers and woodworkers shine after well-done finish work.

Multistep kitchen parts under light reflection

All the fine details for your kitchens direct and parts are here. We are dedicated to using professional skills and offering premium quality supplies for our clients.

Image for cabinetry built as kitchen direct supply

Enjoy the final image for cabinetry built by us, your kitchen direct supplier- with quality, integrity, and smiling customers.

We personally don't think any classes that you may take (even college courses!) will give you the skills to count yourself as a "Pro." If you don’t pay careful attention to all aspects of the job, you may lose the value after all the hard and creative work you have done. We recommend you leave certain work to the pros with skill and experience. It saves money in the long run.

And what about the heavily imported product some people are buying? No sign of quality exists! We can only hope more people educate themselves about what makes quality cabinetry, as we have tried to do for you here.

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Helpful and referral pages around kitchens direct cabinetry

Floor-plan and Elevations

Any construction projects usually start by creating floor-plans and wall elevations.

Floor-plan and Elevations Page Link

All items are numbered. The main benefit is easy communication from design and manufacturing, also for shipping, sorting, installation or even replacing items.

Cabinets 3D Rendering

3D perspective renderings are very real, created from floor-plans and wall elevations. They are a helpful addition in the completion of any construction project.

Cabinet Designer 3D Rendering Page

Cabinets 3D Rendering ...very nice images of 3D drawings and colorful project perspectives you can't find all over the Internet

Making Cabinets and Parts

Building cabinetry parts to order... from plywood, ready to assemble

Making Cabinets and Parts Link

Custom made cabinet parts are numbered and labeled to match with the drawings, predrilled for hardware and shelving, ready to assemble.

A recession

is possibly the best time to design your next cabinetry project online. It is convenient and also during such times we start cutting back on expenses.

But, if we will maintain a grip on rational thought, we'll see amazing opportunities popping up everywhere we look. Research online.

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