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Michigan Cabinets, Custom Made and Direct Supply.
RTA Custom Cabinetry and DIY Parts

Crafted with care, Michigan cabinets are custom-made, fine cabinetry designed for storage and display, dining, and everyday home needs. They are built with attention to higher living standards, including your cooking and entertaining demands.

Michigan custom cabinets suitable for RTA or DIY projects

Michigan custom cabinets, precision parts production, and direct supply are suitable for RTA or DIY projects

Michigan Custom Cabinets

Michigan Woodwork is woodworking company that builds all of its custom projects

While the name Michigan Woodwork may be new to you, our craftsmen are anything but.
With nearly 20 years in the woodworking industry, a family tradition of building supplies, carpentry, and furniture building, the owner and team are very capable.

Without compromising on quality, we follow woodworking traditions and modern production practicalities, and we stand behind our simple philosophy:

We will never build a cabinetry product for a customer that we wouldn't be proud to own ourselves.

In a world of custom cabinetry and customer satisfaction, our small shop will proudly take a space on the top shelf. For you as a customer, this means: the best materials (ingredients), superb quality, and attractive-looking products.

Michigan Kitchen Cabinetry
Michigan Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

The benefits for You (homeowners, contractors, do-it-yourselfers, real estate pros...) to do business with us:

Michigan cabinets are coming to your place direct; from design through manufacturing, finishing, and installation (by request), or even online!

Flexibility in ordering parts, matching components or project completion with delivery

Fully finished or unfinished cabinets, custom made cabinetry parts supply

Dedicated commitment to craftsmanship, custom woodwork of lasting beauty

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Direct
Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Direct Supply

Minimizing waste and cost overruns, CCD Services recognition and full support

Exceeding customer expectations and customer satisfaction are our greatest prides

Selling our cabinetry products at the most competitive price

Since our company, "Michigan Woodwork LLC." is a member of CCD Services; you can pick the style of your future cabinetry project by browsing the entire website. We share the same cabinet construction specifications and cabinetry building technology.

Kitchen cabinets or bathroom, kid's room or laundry, library or functional home office... our focus is on one custom project at a time. We don't stock cabinetry parts or components; we cut and shape everything we need for one job specifically. We design and build every cabinetry set for individual use.

Custom Build Master Bath

Michigan cabinets' differences and specialties:

  • 1. Precision cabinet parts production, suitable for RTA or DIY projects

  • 2. We manufacture all cabinet doors and drawer fronts from select rough lumber

  • 3. Only the highest quality materials are used in our doors and dr.fronts

  • 4. The finishes are environmentally friendly, Sherwin Williams's non-toxic products

  • 5. Original Blum soft closing door hinges and soft closing drawer sliders

  • 6. Most efficient, and highly attractive cabinetry lighting, under cabinet lighting system

  • 7. Frameless cabinetry construction to maximize storage space, and easy cleaning

  • 8. We care about your time and schedule, and support a flexible installation process

We start our cabinet making and woodworking from a "traditionalism" aspect, by cutting straight lines and critical squares... but we are going to do these on paper or monitor. By providing better preparation from design to analyzing construction methods, making/printing and double-triple checking cut lists... all of this will give you a greater feeling of confidence with the final result.

If you have any questions about our products, or would like to have a price quoted for your project, please use our contact form

Thank you for the interest in Michigan cabinets direct; we are looking forward to serve you and help you to love your home

Gallery photos, Michigan cabinets and custom made parts (soon coming more)

=== Click on any image for a larger picture ===

Michigan Custom Cabinetry Moldings
Michigan Custom Cabinetry Moldings
Michigan Cabinets Making Kitchen Parts
Making Michigan Cabinet Parts
Michigan Cabinets RTA DIY Parts
Michigan Cabinets RTA and DIY Parts

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Ask your questions, make your wishes, comments... We do listen! we are Helping People Love Their Homes

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