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Painting Cabinets, How to Create a Cabinet Finish that speaks for its self

What about painting cabinets, can you open the secrets? Can I do it at home, something alike maybe? Can you show the finishing/painting steps? These and similar questions we are hearing almost every day. What most people call "painting" professionals name it "finishing", the difference some ware in applying methods, or spraying instead of brushing and rolling.

Painting Cabinets, How to Paint Cabinets Introduction Video

Painting cabinets or wood finishing basics are different and similar at the same time; preparing for painting or staining, staining and primer, sanding after primer and finishing for final coat. The final coat is not necessary a clear one, can be also pigmented, only the last one is charming.

Smart finishing moves for irresistible cabinetry painting result

Painting/finishing cabinets spray booth

There is no question that an environment with minimal dust is crucial, but it's not necessary to have an over the top spray booth set up. Knowing some basics will help you build one of your own "Cool" hoods and ready-to-work painting areas.

The air flow must be slightly under natural (negative) pressure; this means the suction pressure must increase or force the air to enter into the room to allow for air flow. The ideal spray room is similar to a tunnel and your sprayer is on the middle. A simple smoke test, will demonstrate the process.

What is between coats, or getting the painting effects on wood predictable?

Unfinished Pine Cabinets

The difference between coats can be an extra barrier coat before staining, to avoid blotchiness especially on Alder, Cherry, Maple, Poplar and Pine.

Plus, we doing double primer coat; the first one is heavily deluded (1:1 mixed with thinner, or 100% reduction), 30 minutes letter second coat deluded 30%. This little trick will give you super uniform finishing film and much smother surface before sanding.

Also, it can be an extra stain refreshing coat after primer (spray and wipe of), only because after staining and primering the pigmentation colors will get kind of dull, losing the brightness of its original stained color from the chemical mixing and wood reaction to it. This is due to the wood's natural absorbent qualities and characteristics, take into account that each species of wood is unique.

Here is your visual unfinished and finished parts comparison:

We have image of naked Pine wood cabinet above, making many different painting/finishing steps, and how we are getting the image below?

Painting cabinets old pine finishing

Small note for you: the unit was ordered and built for 400 years old house in France, the finishing-painting process alone was paid over $ 2000 with tips over that, as state of art distressed and glazed finish.

Come beck often, we have no secrets...

Knowing the finishing basics, dangerous area

Setup finishing cabinets spray booth

Any and all Finishing Chemicals are heavier than air; think about building your suction space where the bottom area off the ground (foot or 30-50cm max), you can build a little hood with fan, but an opening with filters on the bottom of the hood is the best proven construction.

It's dangerous area; use of combustible, flammable or toxic material could result in fire, explosion, personal injury or death, as the spray booth does not include a fire suppression system.

PLEASE NOTE: This painting room and spray hood does not meet OSHA specifications and showing strictly for Non-Commercial Use to contain overspray when applying non-flammable, non-combustible, non-toxic materials.

OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration): Spray finishing using flammable and combustible materials

Painting/finishing technique improvements

Lazy suzan painting cabinets working aria

For over 15 years, the idea of rotating cabinet parts while finishing was working just fine, there was some inconveniences in changing the bases, but after meeting with Mitch Henige's the finishing carousel got to the perfect point of construction. By offering a simple to build pipe and flat flanges basset on pipe treads, don't you think it's smart and more useful? Look at images.

When it comes to finishing, spray booths is fast and easy solution to painting, staining or clear coating your cabinet-wooden parts, without using paint brushes or paint rollers.

Getting your perfect feeling of cabinet/wood painting

No ignoring the data sheets, you must read and know the basics. After reading the top ingredients you will find the "Base" one (reducer type; "water", "mineral spirit", "xylene" etc.), so get know your finish and what they are based.

Now you can try it, play the "games" and work collaboratively with Finishing Chemicals Engineers who were working hard to create the coating product.

Your bright example is distressed painting cabinets techniques

Finishing, distressed painted cabinets parts

Finishing Steps; Solid Color Primer, Sanding and Distressing, Glazing and Cleaning Glaze, Clear Coating

Custom cabinet painting and distressing on cherry

The painting is done on Cherry wood with highlighting sanded corners

Reducing your painting finishes properly will make you King

We are painting cabinets and woodworking parts but sorry, no cars!

The spray gun is an extension of your hand,

and working for the spray gun is your responsibility. Sorry to remind you; you control the machine and process, so don't blame the gun blame the operator if something goes wrong, same with custom cabinet painting coats.

Painting custom cabinet parts spraying

Some comments; circling cabinet parts much more productive then walking around the parts, especially with custom cabinet malty-coating steps finishing.

The operator-painter is responsible for properly diluting finishes that are ready to spray

The questions of orange-peel come from a heavy finish application, just dilute it. The runs should remind you of overspray and the speed of spraying. Here is our own formula for cabinet finishing.

Stain: reduces 1:1/2 (50% reduction) to apply first coat, after 5-10 minutes wipe off (respray after 15 minutes with the same 50% reduction, no retouches after), done and let dry for minimum 30 minutes.

Primer: reduced 1:1 again. This is even more important than staining; a first coat of 100% diluted primer will make you smile when it comes time to sand. Let it dry for 30 minutes and spray it one more time with a little heavier coat (30% diluted). The primer is done.

Custom built and custom finished lighting canopy

Sincerely, you can continue to call it "Painting Cabinets", even after we show to you the "Cabinet Finishing" steps. No hard feeling, we just hope you will appreciate this info's, and soon coming more pages.

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