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Custom built RTA cabinets
Ready to assemble cabinets directly from woodworking shops

Custom made RTA Cabinets can be the Highest Quality Ever Built.

Quality of RTA custom kitchen cabinets
RTA custom built kitchen cabinets. Left click to enlarge

Would you believe the kitchen on left is built from RTA cabinets? Yes they are 100%, custom made ready to assemble cabinets. Only the kitchen hood was constructed as a complete unit ready for installation .The rest of the cabinet's parts were shipped as a flat pack over 2000 miles from Michigan US to Calgary, Alberta Canada.

The client who ordered these cabinets never assembled or built any cabinets in his lifetime.

Note: full story about this project coming soon with more details.

More info about RTA Custom Cabinets Design and Plans, Cabinets Construction and Building Process

Quality control and your partnering stages with RTA cabinets builders

Details and quality control rta custom cabinets
Quality control RTA cabinets. Left click to enlarge

Just imagine you are part of the Team.
If you are after high quality RTA cabinets, custom built to your own specifics and any other construction improvements... - welcome aboard?

We are your partners. For example, you may feel confident that you can do 60 % of the project yourself. The 40% you need help with can be defined as to parts and or services needed. As a partner working with us, you will get what is needed to successfully complete your project. The percentage of partnering “You/ US” has no limits. It can be 1/99 % or vice versa. Let's call it endless possibilities.

The practice of outsourcing as a business relationship dates back hundreds of years. When you add trust and reliability, the quality of the joint effort can produce amazing results. The highest standards and quality control must exist, almost like a constitution with rules and laws to follow for the best outcome.

RTA Cabinets are “ready to assemble cabinets”. You will receive your complete project by “flat pack”. Flat packaging results in minimum volume. There will be no cabinet boxes. By assembling the cabinets yourself, you are actually substituting your time for someone else's labor cost. What a great way to save.

WHAT RTA Cabinets Quality Really Means?

RTA Cabinets' and parts, ready to assemble cabinets
RTA custom built kitchen cabinets. Left click to enlarge

RTA Cabinets and parts quality can be a broad area to define. The reality is there are only 5 key elements you will need to review for your project:

Cabinet Materials Used to Build Cabinets,
Design/Construction and Specifications,
Cabinetry Hardware,
Painting/Finishing Materials,
Quality of Built and Quality of Finishes.

There are many details within these elements but let's keep it simple.

Your House or Garage Is All You Need

In house or garage rta cabinets

You know what you need. You control the project. As a partner your needs and inputs define the parts you will receive. You will have no problems assembling your project. Remember you can rely on your partners.

Rta cabinets final assembly control

Adopting and committing to a process will give you the control you need including improvements. Ready to assemble cabinets is really partnering with a design/production team with you as the final partner to complete and finish the project.

Simple, widely used hand tools for cabinets assembly

Simple and widely used hand tools are all that are needed to complete cabinet parts assembly.

Be Creative... Inject Your Ideas and Personality Into RTA Cabinetry

No limits custom built rta cabinet parts

Don’t like the existing cabinetry styles, create your own. There are no limits. It will not make a difference if you are the project leader or follower, it will be defined to your standards.


Finished Mahohany, rarely usede exotic woods

Desire rarely used exotic woods? We will work to find lower cost suppliers. You can count on our professional advice as to what is doable and what is impracticable.

Finished RTA cabinets ready for delivery

RTA cabinets and parts ready for delivery direct to the customer house from woodworking shop.

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Resent Comments
around RTA & DIY cabinets and design

Thanks from Rich & Gail

Just let you know Guys - no services like that all over the Internet!

I love it, my wife loves it, my wife even loves me again, let’s have coffee together. Thank you and you definitely deserve your fee and my appreciation. Vlad don't spend this all at once, Ha!

The lake pics are stunning and I would still like to incorporate some of this styling in our project. I am ready to buy wood. My saw blades and router bits are sharp and ready to go.

Rich & Gail
Schenectady, New York


A note to let you know things are going okay. Shame on me I took time to fish today. I am preparing stock for face frames and still need to get more stock for doors and drawer fronts.

Nightmares: You were right, this is very hard work. See the picture the cut parts on top are for the face frames. I cut wood all day.

Someone should have told me (and you did!) how much easier it would have been without the face frames. I had a nightmare last night. I was being chased by a giant "frameless cabinet" swearing at me in Michigan.

Largest problem for DIY person like me is getting and prepping the wood.

Your friends and clients
Rich & Gail
Schenectady, New York

Hi Vlad

I am an early retired Electronics Engineer. I do woodworking for a hobby. I brought semi-professional woodworking machines so I could do any project I wanted. As I am retired, I don't intend to do woodworking professionally.

I am glad to hear your Web site is going well, it is a good idea. Having the plans done by a professional gets me into production sooner with confidence that the end result will be exactly as expected.

Thanks for all your work.
Kind Regards
Sidney, Australia

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