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RTA Custom Cabinets and Parts for Home Cabinetry Projects

Win, Win, Win real RTA Custom Cabinets home projects suitable for the DIY hobbyist and home building contractors.

When it comes to RTA custom cabinets, they are the same high quality as custom cabinets builts to order. Ready to Assemble Cabinets, provide you with all the finished cabinetry parts need for actual assembly. And why in the world you will start assembly process if parts not finished yet?

Our visitors often ask for more info about RTA custom cabinets, especially for small home projects; for example a custom build computer table or small home office cabinetry design, mud-room or laundry renovation with new cabinets, or work-rooms, closets all types, kitchen pantries, entertainments built-ins, or free standing cabinetry units.

Thanks from Tim and Paula.

Our late thanks to you! It was nice of you convert me to Metric, o yes!
After few hours of practicing, just love it.
Thank you for all your help. Your knowledge is a just what we need to make our project look beautiful.

Tim and Paula, Taxes, US

RTA Cabinets Construction and Building Process Reviews

The cabinet itself is only a box or carcass, that needs to be functional as well as stylish which is achieved by the selection of doors and other front parts, and finishes.
There are endless choices in construction, but the simple one will be the smart one.

RTA custom cabinets, of kitchen home office

Free standing tiger-maple RTA custom cabinetry project;
stain and light glaze, custom built parts, posts and valances, frameless cabinet's construction.

Today, frameless cabinet construction is the only way to build cabinets;
easy excess, easy to clean, more usable space, strong and durable, less parts to build compared to face frame competitors.

Custom kitchen RTA cabinets design

When RTA Custom Cabinetry Design Meet the Customer Direct; Custom Built Maple and Mahogany Kitchen Cabinetry.

Woodworking shops or hobbyist DIY people will start the cabinet building process from detailed high quality fully functional designs and working plan.
The functional design will represent all room dimensions as well as cabinets, decorative parts and accessories.
The working plan is a must have for a well-organized step-by-step building process; building/ordering doors and drawer fronts, ordering hardware and decorative cabinetry parts, or time planning.

RTA custom cabinet's parts in the finishing room

RTA custom cabinet's parts in the finishing room ready for staining and finishing;
Mahogany-wood wall cabinets side panels, finger-joint solid wood drawer boxes.

How We Can Help With RTA Cabinetry Project?

The most important element we add is we can review, with a professional eye
your plans and sketches before you get to deep in the details and we then can eliminate possible mistakes.
Our consulting services are friendly and free of charge.

We can help ensure the design for your project is fully suitable for your house/shop.
We can give advice on the tooling you should plan to use,
and provide fully finished parts or unfinished parts that you will paint yourself.

We can help you create the working cabinetry plan with parts list to build yourself.
Every single part needed will be on the list and will be counted, and sorted by operation (One Man Shop).

We can instruct and guide you around woodwork/cabinetry issues or painting/finishing technics,
picking/choosing construction methods, from making parts or assembly with all "how to".

We will build/manufacture and make custom or specially shaped parts for you, if you can't make your own;
but would like to have it in your project.

Help choose, the best materials and supply sources, cost numbers.
Service level is also very important; hardware, lumber, lighting, painting...

RTA Home Cabinetry Projects Illustrations, Made by Professionals and DIY Hobbyist

We would not recommend beginners try RTA custom kitchen cabinetry projects,
since kitchen cabinetry remodels or new cabinet construction is considered to be of the highest complexity level to build.

On the other hand if you are comfortable using general purpose electric and air tools,
can read and follow drawings… - why not? And we will help you at any steps on the way.

RTA custom cabinet's parts in the finishing room

RTA kitchen custom cabinets installation after assembly; ready for countertops and appliances.
Mahogany cabinets and stained in dark "charcoal" color rub through, Island cabinets with glaze over Mahogany.

Below is the custom built coffee table, and image of custom routed unfinished panels.
Our customers asked for one of a kind custom build unit or helping with cabinetry parts
supporting help in making/building their home cabinetry projects.

RTA custom cabinetry coffee table from parts

Custom cabinetry RTA coffee table from parts made in woodworking shop;
oak-wood, custom shape/angles, glass doors and panels, custom match finishing.
Left side of the image are custom routed shapes for cabinetry side panels,
made for RTA hobbyist as parts for home bar cabinetry project.

RTA Project Design Samples

Designing and laying out your RTA cabinetry project coming soon (in days)

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