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Advantage and disadvantage to buying unfinished cabinets

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Helping You Understand Cabinet Finishing

Unfinished Pine Cabinets

Unfinished cabinets are self-explanatory. Simply stated, there is no finish on the cabinets and/or cabinet parts. So, how to buy? The topic is very popular, and our visitors have been asking us to provide unfinished cabinet reviews, as well as advise them as to what to be aware of when purchasing, and any advantages/disadvantages.

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We feel it would be less than honest in marketing the product, without clarifying the problems you will face ahead.

For the manufacturer, they will build the same cabinet parts or cabinets according to design and construction plans. The only difference is that components do not visit the finishing room. In other words, if you are a finish master and know what you or your client is expecting, here is your chance to showcase your talents and save or earn some money.

Should You Go "Unfinished" ?

What to be aware of - downside and disadvantages

An unfinished cabinet does not mean lower quality cabinetry. Cost alone is not a good reason to choose unfinished over finished cabinetry. Poor quality unfinished cabinets will have no value even with the best finish on them.

Moreover, if you are buying fully assembled cabinets, finishing the boxes is not efficient at all and will cause some unintended results. The finish will not be nearly as uniform compared to cabinet parts that are finished separately and assembled afterwards. The downside of purchasing unfinished cabinets is precisely in the finishing of your cabinets.

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Finishing cabinets ideas, benefits and advantages

Unfinished Pine Cabinet Finished Parts Set

Here is our alternative to buying unfinished cabinets

To split the process of custom cabinetry making for maximum efficiency, we divide our process of manufacturing and finishing. This is exactly how the most efficient cabinet makers operate.

Our system of fabricating the components, finishing and then assembling the components separates the processes with minimum storage and handling needed. Therefore, we eliminate all the unnecessary steps in ordering unfinished cabinets.

The parts are sorted and packaged and then ready for finish. Meaning, instead of transporting cabinetry parts to our finishing facility, we can ship it to you with minimum shipping cost (most shippers charge for volume as well as weight.)

Finishing can and should be a source of pride

Pine Wood Unfinished Cabinets

for a talented person,

and we admire the artistic skills of our colleagues.
But, for inexperienced individuals, finishing can be a source of problems properly applying finish on unfinished cabinet boxes can be a physical challenge.

About the "Advice" to order or buying unfinished cabinets

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It is not our intent to encourage or discourage anyone thinking of using unfinished cabinets in their project

Our personal opinions are always supported by professional experience, honesty, and integrity. Even if cabinetry markets encourage you to save money by purchasing unfinished cabinets, we believe unless you posess certain talents and skills, their advice may be very misleading. We prefer to share ideas and stay away from advice on this very controversial issue.


Unfinished Cabinet Prefinished Parts

if you have some real talent in finishing

and would like to add your personality into the project, kudos to you.

We can help 100% with the unfinished cabinet's project for any size. After final design is approved, the construction methods can be specifically adjusted, if necessary. Most likely, you will find our system more efficient than you can possibly imagine.

Unfinished Custom Cabinets System

If you still need more information about Finished versus Unfinished cabinets you can check out "Wood web" forum by clicking here.

We plan to add video and picture tutorials to our site in the beginning of 2013 - with detailed instructions on how to apply finishes on cabinet parts. Stay in contact; we will help you gain useful knowledge in cabinetry design.

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