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8 Special Moves into Wall Cabinets Building, Function and Beauty!

Welcome to the technical world of wall cabinet building; design, well-done engineering construction
for lighting, finishing and final beauty.

Rollout your sleeves and open your mind. Our design as construction recipes for the lovely cake you are baking,
simple and less ingredients, and Yummy!

Previous pages you get from: How to Build Cabinets all-around of building cabinetry.
More details of Wall Cabinets Construction.

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Your 8 Special Moves into Wall Cabinets Design and Building Function

Original custom built units, unlike the mass production cabinetry. You also can build it!

Wall cabinets building tips

Our customers call it "cabinetry furniture".
From proportion of design, quality of woodworking skills, quality of fine finishing and functional beauty,
- it is custom-made and from heart.

Wall cabinets building from maple wood

Solid color painted kitchen' wall cabinetry with glaze.

Your Benefits: - The final result is highlighted, or how we can help you achieve the best possible outcome:

  • Easy wall mount; the walls are never perfectly straight or leveled

  • Minimum parts for building wall cabinet box, suitable for DIY project

  • Easy to finish cabinet parts before assembly, horizontal finishing

  • Heavy weight holding; kitchen, office storage cabinets or garages wall units

  • Under cabinet lighting options, clean with no wires showing, only lights

  • Crown molding final looks with cabinetry accent top lighting options

  • No extra corner interior for easy dust wiping and cleaning

  • Simplicity to build for well-equipped shop or modest hand tools

Soft maple wall cabinets

Kitchen wall cabinets, soft maple, solid color with glaze,
custom made columns and trim.

Materials for all Cabinets and Wall Units

When you building cabinets or have a plans of doing project for yourself you do care about material, so plywood will be your first choice, or even "PureBond" from Columbia Forest Product. So far it's the healthiest plywood-sheet materials on the market and only “PureBond” we use in our shops.
More info and some facts about cabinet plywood you better visit Columbia Forest Product site.

We designing and build our cabinetry frameless (most images over our site are frameless construction), it's up today, and it simple.

Simple wall cabinets boxes

Wall cabinets it's just a boxes with visual only 5 parts to build.

The cabinet box is built from 3/4" (16-18mm)sheet-material (sides, top, bottom and shelves), the back is 1/4" (5.2mm) with 1/2" (12mm) back hanging cleats. Same construction methods we still recommend if you building your cabinets from Melamine (particle-board materials), it's only not good for your health to keep around your home. Don't forget, after all we are only talking about cabinetry materials, the labor cost will be higher when you working with Melamine.

Here are the same cabinets from above only installed as parts of the working-office room organized home project.

Work room wall cabinets unit

Frameless construction work room wall cabinets,
solid white color, decorative light valance and columns.

Work-room office wall cabinets

Home office simple and elegant wall cabinets.
Frameless construction, custom trim and under cabinet lighting.

Cabinetry Painting or Finishing Materials

The main portion of cabinetry finishes in general we covered at Painting Cabinets page.

Frameless mahogany kitchen wall cabinets

Kitchen wall cabinetry made of mahogany, stained and glazed with Sherwin-Williams woodworking finishes.

As professionals we are absolutely enjoy working with and promote Sherwin-Williams woodworking finishes product.
From pigmented stains and Conversion Varnish System, plus few very special and useful chemicals, it is best on the market by our opinion.

Only negative supplement of gigantic Sherwin-Williams brand – most terrible services you can't even imagine (for the small cabinetry businesses). – Hey You!?

Step by Step Building Improvements

We are always starting from designing steps and engineering of entire project,
no matter how simple or complicated cabinetry project, it is usually custom built.

Easy and Smart Wall Mount Construction

Here is our little cabinet construction tip for you

All our wall cabinets (like others base and tall or pantry cabinets) caring the back clits.
The hanging clits, attached to the back of the cabinets on top and bottom and fastening with holding power of the screws into the cabinet carcass.

Wall-mount cabinet construction

The back hanging clits makes all the difference
for inside clean looks, and outside installation/ventilation issues, easy, simple, saving material.

Our wall mount cabinet process makes it easy to access for leveling cabinets from the top and bottom,
no losing strength, out from the wall for the many ventilation reason (cold, mold, etc.), or even running electric wire behind the wall cabinets.

Minimum Number of Cabinetry Parts

Minimum parts to build cabinets. It is, and who possibly can argue; two sides, top and bottom, back and two "ugly" (invisible) back clits, no special tools for joints.
End panels can be done and apply as flat panels/doors, bead boards, or skin glued material (the last one we are not recommended).

Contemporary style upper kitchen cabinets as small bar with wine rack

Cherry kitchen wall cabinets design

Cherry kitchen-china wall cabinets, custom trim details.
Photo taken 15 years after cabinets are built.

The entire website images will show you perfectly the same constriction method of the wall mount cabinets and final results,
building wall cabinets the way we are show to you.
Some images are taking after more than 15 year of being abused by real life circumstances.

When Building Your Cabinets from Scratch the Finishing is Important!

Easy to finish wall cabinet parts before assembly (even if interior finishes are matching to exterior finish, as it supposed); horizontal way of finishing parts, glazing and distressing makes stress-free and more uniformed.

Functional pullouts over kitchen-hood cabinetry

Pullouts over kitchen hood

Custom built kitchen hood with spice rack;
soft maple mitered doors, solid color finishing with glaze.

Our cabinetry design and construction methods created under priority of profitable cabinetry manufacturing at first.
And second is our best customer's satisfaction for quality, functional and esthetic levels of product.

Wall Cabinets for Heavy Weight Holding

Heavy weight holding? No problem.
For over 30 years of building cabinets "our way" we can proudly report for no One! customer's compliance or even single warranty issues of quality satisfaction.

Wall cabinets pullout rack

Contemporary style custom kitchen cabinetry with radius doors and spice rack pullout.

For any kitchen accessories storage, or garages junk...
Simply knowing of screw holding power in plywood (about 200 kilograms or 450 pounds per 40mm (1 1/2") wood screw),
it will support all your reasonable storage weight on the wall mount shelving and cabinets mount to the wall.

Wall cabinets are saving the plain surface space, shelves easy mowed up or down,
close the door and you are one of those good and neat housekeeper.

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